Love is Blind: Are Sal Perez and Jessi Palkovic Still Together?

Sal Perez and Jessi Palkovic still together

Are Sal Perez and Jessi Palkovic From Love is Blind Still Dating? – Two years later, Netflix’s “experiment” in dating, Love Is Blind, returned with an unexpected second season that brought all the drama, tears, and, of course, the pods!

Each of the remaining engaged couples gathered at the altar in the season 2 finale to publicly declare their love for one another or to call it quits in front of a roomful of relatives and friends. ICYMI, there were only two marriages, but it doesn’t imply that some of the other couples didn’t reunite.

Despite their best attempts, Salvador “Sal” Perez and Mallory Zapata’s romance did not succeed, but ‘Love is Blind: After the Altar’ season 2 made it plain he is now happier than ever. The unapologetically strong and free-spirited Jessica “Jessi” Palkovic, a public figure, artist, and new girlfriend of the amateur musician, was clearly the cause. We now have all the information you require to understand more about this couple, emphasizing their background, present situation, and expected future.

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Sal and Jessi’s Love is Blind Journey

Sal Perez and Jessi Palkovic’s “Love is Blind” Journey

In the Netflix original reality series, Sal claims that he first met Jessi at his younger sister Victoria’s birthday celebration and that they immediately felt a stronger connection. A short while later, they formally started dating, and the 31-year-old fell instantly and deeply in love with her due to her natural beauty and “firecracker” attitude. Sal said, Sal said, “If [Jessi] is in a room, you know she’s in a room. She will just put a smile on everybody’s face. She is the nicest person… and honestly I’ve never had more fun with anyone else.”

When asked what she liked best about Sal, Jessi replied, “I adore how open and honest he is,” demonstrating their relationship’s sincerity. “He’s my closest pal. I mean, I f**king love him.” 

On the other side, her partner said, “I just feel like when we talk about anything, even if it’s a difficult conversation, like we just listen to each other really well. I feel really heard, and I feel like we work at everything together. She just is the one that makes life more interesting, you know?

The three-part special substantially supported the feelings because Sal was only concerned with making Jessi feel at ease. After all, Mallory was also present. At one point, he did go up to his former fiancée to check on her, but when his girlfriend got involved and requested a one-on-one to make sure there was no ill will, he backed off. Sal didn’t hesitate to express his sincere appreciation for Jessi’s action of reaching out to Mallory personally, as it demonstrated her unwavering caring for him.

Are Sal Perez and Jessi Palkovic Still Together?

Although Sal had mentioned to his family that he was considering proposing to Jessi (with a ring already in hand), it’s sad that it’s not known now if the couple has actually made this move. That’s due to their apparent decision to keep the specifics of their relationship secret. Additionally, they seldom ever appear in one another’s social media feeds. But their shared followers and tagged posts with friends and family do show they are still happily together.

As far as we can tell, the people of Chicago are currently very happy, which is all that matters. During his appearance on “After the Altar,” Sal noted, “With Jessi, it’s just been effortless.” She’s fantastic; even though I am a wonderful person, she inspires me to strive for more outstanding excellence. Therefore, it goes without saying that we support the pair and are eager to see what their future holds.

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