The Rings of Power: Who is Whispering to Isildur (Maxim Baldry)?

Who is Whispering to Isildur

Who is Whispering to Isildur (Maxim Baldry) in “The Rings of Power”? – It was finally revealed in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 4, “The Great Wave,” on Prime Video that the dwarves are indeed mining for Mithril and that Adar, a former elf, is now in charge of the orcs as part of Sauron’s strategy to conquer the Southlands. But the episode also raised a tonne of issues that have yet to receive an official response, such as who is speaking in Isildur’s (Maxim Baldry) ear and, yet again, is Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) really Sauron?

Isildur is initially introduced to viewers in the first season’s third episode. His demise in “The Lord of the Rings” films serves as a reminder of how crucial a role he will play in the upcoming conflict with Sauron. Before he and his family established the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor, he was still a young man with much to learn about the world’s ways and much to survive.

His name is mysteriously exposed to the audience during his introduction, thanks to some unusual muttering coming from an unidentified source. The same thing happens again in the next episode, leaving us to wonder what the whispering to Isildur means and who it’s from. What you should know about it is as follows.

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Who is Whispering to Isildur in Rings of Power

Who is Whispering to Isildur’s Ear?

There is no definitive answer to who the person who whispers in Isildur’s ear in “The Rings of Power” is because many details are still being withheld from the public. However, while the plot develops throughout the subsequent episodes and the secret is finally disclosed to us, there are a few hypotheses that we can explore.

When Isildur is at sea, he hears his name being whispered, but the source appears to be the far shore. The mountain in this location is impressive, and although it hasn’t been named in the program yet, it might be the Meneltarma, which roughly translates to “the Pillar of the Heavens.” The Valar, who serve as the deity counterparts in the realm of “The Rings of Power,” and Eru Ilvatar are connected to this hallowed location in the mythology of The Lord of the Rings.

Numerous indications suggest that Numenor will eventually fall, and this is a fact that is well recognized. The vision that Queen Regent Miriel subsequently shares with Galadriel is the most noteworthy. The impending great flood will obliterate the island kingdom of Numenor. Even still, the Valar, who gave the Numenoreans this land as a gift, is attempting to forewarn them.

The White Tree’s dropping leaves serve as a warning, which Miriel interprets as a message to travel with Galadriel to Middle-Earth and engage in combat with Sauron’s expanding influence. It’s possible that the Valar are also attempting to warn Isildur and other individuals who will eventually play significant roles in the fight against Sauron and Miriel.

The whispers‘ connection to the Valar is further supported by how they seem to support Isildur’s desire to go west. Isildur’s brother, Anarion, appears to have moved west and allied with the Faithful, the men who remain devoted to the Valar and the elves, as opposed to the Numenoreans, who had expelled the elves from their territories, even though the show keeps skirting the subject. The Undying Lands, often known as Valinor, the abode of the Valar, are also accessible from the westernmost coasts; Galadriel originally intended to travel there.

It seems pretty plausible that one of the Valar is reaching out to Isildur, given how frequently they appear in the Numenor narrative. There is, however, a second hypothesis regarding who it might be. Isildur’s mother recently passed away, which was revealed during the introduction of him and his family. Since the books do not explicitly reveal who she is, there is room for the series to develop her character to the point where she might speak to her son after death. Isildur hears a woman’s voice, after all, and given that he and his family are still reeling from her death, it is possible that she may have a message for them. Alternatively, it might just be a Valar speaking to Isildur in a voice he recognizes and trusts.

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