Sean Allen Murder Case: Where is Mike Ward Today?

Sean Allen Murder

Sean Allen Murder: Where is Mike Ward Now? Guilty or Innocent? Let’s find out the truth. When a US veteran shoots a wanted fugitive on his property, the judicial system must determine whether the veteran shot the fugitive in self-defense or as a murderer.

Accused: Guilty or Innocent?‘ has been following the harrowing journey of indicted suspects as they plan their legal defence, face trial, and finally await the decision since its premiere in 2020. It’s an intimate depiction of what happens after someone is legally charged with a crime, told through the eyes of the accused, their legal team, and their family members.

So, of course, the first episode of season three, ‘Deadly Veteran or Self-Protection,’ which follows the murder of Sean Allen, is no exception. And if you’re interested in learning more about it, we’ve got you covered.

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Sean Allen Murder Case
Sean Allen. On September 28, 2018, Sean was shot in the back

Sean Allen’s Cause of Death

Sean David Allen of Spavinaw, Oklahoma, was allegedly a compassionate, kind, and empathetic family man as well as a hardworking artist dedicated to his various crafts at the age of 35. In his neighbourhood, the son, brother, and fiancé were known as handymen and tattoo artist who dabbled in the educational study of plants and their therapeutic benefits.

Sean’s mother added, “He loved to help others; he would let anyone stay with him who needed a place to rest their head,” which is why his untimely death shocked Mayes County.

Sean was shot in the back by a neighbour on the latter’s land on Friday, September 28, 2018, and was regrettably unable to recover or be revived. “[He was] murdered, and that was perhaps the hardest day of my life,” his mother recounted before revealing that one of her other kids had been killed in a vehicle accident just three weeks prior.

With a heavy heart, Eileen White said, “I go to the cemetery to visit my sons.” “No parent is supposed to visit their children in the grave… I want people to know that [Sean] was loved.”

Who Killed Sean Allen
Sean’s small-town Spavinaw neighbor and veteran Michael “Mike” Edward Ward was the one who shot Sean Allen.

Who Killed Sean Allen and Why?

Sean’s small-town Spavinaw neighbour and veteran Michael “Mike” Edward Ward admitted to pulling the trigger, but he has always defended himself by claiming “self-defense.” He claimed he used his weapon because he was afraid for his safety after seeing the young man on his land, but it’s important to note that the two had been involved in a long-running property dispute.

This feature appeared to raise questions about whether Mike was speaking the truth or if he was killed in cold blood, leading to his arrest for first-degree murder. During Mike’s recent trial, the aforementioned facts were meticulously set out for the jury, resulting in his conviction and the recommendation of a typical life sentence in prison.

However, his defense team requested a judge in February 2022 whether two of the case jurors might testify on his favour at the sentence hearing in an attempt to decrease his incarceration time. The judge flatly refused, thinking the situation intolerable, although she did add that, if necessary, she might be able to decrease Mike’s sentence range of her own will.

Mike Ward

What Happened to Mike Ward and Where Is He Now?

Michael “Mike” Edward Ward appears to be merely booked at the Mayes County Jail in Pryor, Oklahoma, because he has allegedly not yet received his official sentence. The 68-year-old has been in custody since his arrest on September 24, 2021, and he’ll be transferred to an Oklahoma State Facility after the legal proceedings are completed.

Both the prosecutors and Sean’s family are hoping that Mike is given the full amount of time granted by the jury, with his father going so far as to add, “It’s life, it’s life, you know.” Our son is devoid of life.” “We will be asking the court that he spend every bit of that life sentence incarcerated because even if he were able to get parole, Sean Allen is never coming back,” prosecutor Isaac Shields said.

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