Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending Explained

Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending Explained – Fans are wondering what will happen to the Apple TV+ show Slow Horses after the second season of the Apple Original series ends.

Based on Mick Herron’s Slough House crime novels, the comic espionage thriller series depicts a gang of disgraced MI5 operatives who are banished to the series’ namesake Slough House to live out the remainder of their careers in exile.

Old Scores,” episode 6 of “Slow Horses,” season 2. Given the chapter’s title, Slow Horses season 2 episode 6 opens with a series of important grudges to settle. Knowing that Nikolai has been exploring Slough House, Lamb calls him at his workplace. Jackson Lamb discovers the full scope of Nikolai’s evil scheme after his facade is shattered, and he realizes that Nikolai wants to kill him. Here is all the information regarding its second-season finale.

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Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 ‘Old Scores’ Recap

The conclusion begins with these two grizzled older men conversing about their unfinished business with Nikolai and Lamb. Lamb knows Nikolai wants him dead because he’s already killed one of his guys, but Nikolai begs him to come back to his office for an excellent discussion. According to the former KGB spy, Nevsky was killed by one drop of radioactive poison; just think of what he could accomplish with a bomb of the substance. That is a sufficient threat, so Lamb offers to meet Nikolai at the Russian workplace.

In the meantime, London’s streets are crowded with terrified demonstrators and office workers running from the impending attack. Standish moves in the opposite way, in the direction of peril. Marcus and Louisa are stranded inside the targeted building, and Lamb has ordered her to go and rescue them. Even with military helicopters on either side, the plane still flies into the city.

Marcus and Louisa are entrapped in the space where the encounter takes place. They are confined inside by Pashkin and Piotr. Webb is still breathing, but his injuries have knocked him out. Kyril, the only security man to protect Pashkin, is still alive, although his wound might be deadly. Louisa tries to help, but she tortures the man to get information.

According to Kyril, their goal was to shut down the Glass House so they could infect Nevsky’s computers with a virus. They then intended to empty his accounts. Nevsky was without a thumb, which explains why; they required it to access the accounts. The Russians then took his passwords in exchange for a swift demise, giving Nevsky his rifle so he could eventually shoot himself. After reading this gruesome, accurate narrative, Louisa, even more, despises the Russians.

Shirley walks the streets without knowing where Andre is. That doesn’t matter since Roddy still keeps an eye on him after following him aboard a train bound for Tunbridge Wells. Shirley decides to commandeer a motorcycle and ride it to their destination. After spending days at their workstations, these unexpected heroes are now in the field.

River speaks awkwardly to Alex’s family members back at Upshott as they are still reeling from the several surprises they have been presented with. River finds himself by the aeroplane hangar after deciding to give them some distance. In yet another stunning turn of events, River finds that all the bomb-making supplies are still there and undamaged in the hangar. Everything was a scam and one massive diversion.

In reality, Nikolai and Alex wanted the city to be shut down for another reason, but they wanted it to appear as though they were bombing the city. This explains why River was first spared. River fears that he is repeating the same mistake and that everything is occurring again.

River phones Diana and says that the bomb is a fake, disregarding the repercussions. Although MI5 has its targets fixed on Alex’s plane, it might already be too late. They will have to use any measures required to bring the plane down if she doesn’t communicate with them or divert it within the next few minutes. It is irreversible. As Diana asks Judd for the last say, tensions are at an all-time high. That coward lets Diana make the decision!

The train is becoming even tenser. Our innocent Roddy tries to find Andre, but he’s already gone. A pursuit ensues as Roddy avoids Andre’s blows and his poisonous weapon, concealed in a ring, as he searches the aisles for the Russian spy. Roddy successfully defends himself and flees, hiding in the restroom of the train. Shirley enters the carriage as it approaches the station and attacks Andre, sparing Roddy’s life. They are shot at by the cicada, but they are unharmed.

Marcus and Louisa had managed to get away on their own when Standish returns to the Glass House and climbs the stairs to warn them. The two discover Piotr dead on the ground and Nevsky’s severed thumb. It appears that Pashkin killed his security man out of avarice in order to obtain some jewels. Louisa returns to Kyril with a photo of Piotr and requests his assistance. What was the plan of action? Pashkin intended to flee using an air ambulance. Rushing to the roof, Louisa confronts Pashkin. When she inquires as to why he killed Min, his response—that he was simply in the wrong location at the wrong time—makes Min’s passing slightly more tragic. When Louisa tries to attack Pashkin, the Russian pulls a gun. Marcus fires first, killing Paskin and preventing Louisa from being killed as he prepares to fire.

Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Ending Explained

Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Jackson has come to the realisation that Nikolai Katinsky wasn’t the innocent, low-life ex-spy that everyone believed he was, but rather a legendary Soviet spymaster whose ‘cicadas’ (sleeper operatives) were real all along and residing in Upshott.

Marcus and Louise torture the last FSB thug to learn Pashkin’s strategy as River’s bomb threat alert call causes chaos in the City. It became out that they were actually the FSB, who used MI5 to get close enough to the oligarch Nevsky to infect his computers with a virus and steal money from his bank accounts on behalf of the Kremlin. They were posing as the billionaire Nevsky’s fixers. (They sliced off his thumb before in order to obtain his passwords.)

In the meantime, Roddy Ho is riding a train behind the cicada Chernitsky, feeling extremely pleased of himself, but in classic Roddy fashion, he is entirely blind to his own failings as an invisible tail.

Fortunately, when it comes to hiding in a bathroom, he manages to keep Chernitsky at bay long enough for Shirley Dander to ride up on a motorcycle and kick him in. Even the irate Welsh reinforcements can’t stop Chernitsky from shooting the two through the bathroom door. He exits the train, mistakenly believing that his task has been successful. The two are still alive, thus their part in the story is over. Naturally, we leave them in the bathroom.

Kelly’s mother (Catherine McCormack) is not, in fact, flying a bomb into London; rather, she is providing the authorities with a pretext to halt security measures around the Glasshouse building, which is not the Shard at all. River, meanwhile, has realised that his crash call to MI5 warning them of an incoming bomb threat was a mistake.

Louisa and Marcus track down Pashkin, who they discover is attempting to flee by air ambulance after stealing Nevsky’s gems for himself. He acknowledges that he killed Min because he caught him at the wrong time and wrong location. Before Pashkin can shoot Louisa, Marcus shoots him.

Reactivating the cicadas in Upshott and establishing a trail so that an agent (River) would be dispatched there and make the bomb threat opened the door for the FSB to rob Nevsky, according to Katinsky, who Jackson cornered and forced to admit he organised the entire operation. The FSB informed Charles Partner, the terminally sick spy who assassinated his MI5 double agent, of his reward.

Lamb learns from Katinsky that although David Cartwright (Jonathan Pryce) gave the order to kill his joe, Lamb was the one who actually did it, according to the FSB. In fact, Chernitsky, his assassin, is en route to Cartwright’s home.

Moments too late, River flies in with Kelly to intercept him. Lamb, it turns out, had previously suspected Katinsky by sending a SWAT squad to Cartwright’s home. David Cartwright, however, having the cunning ex-agent that he is, had murdered the assassin with a shotgun through his front door. 

As Katinsky shoots himself, Lamb leaves one bullet in his revolver and walks away. The Slow Horses assemble at the Spooks’ church, St. Leonards, and lay a blue-taped monument to Dickie Bow and an unauthorized plaque for Min.

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