Netflix’s “The Next 365 Days” (2022) Ending Explained – Who Does Laura Choose?

‘The Next 365 Days Plot Synopsis

The Next 365 Days Ending, Explained: Who Does Laura Choose: Massimo or Nacho? – The Next 365 Days is a 2022 erotic thriller movie that Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes are in charge of directing. It is a follow-up to 365 Days: This Day and features Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Magdalena Lamparska, Rebecca Casiraghi, and Michele Morrone. It is based on the third book in a trilogy by Blanka Lipiska.

A few months after the second movie in the series debuted, Netflix has returned with The Next 365 Days, another novel adaptation by Blanka Lipiska. If the narrative of this movie can be deemed a plot, it continues the story of Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Escudero “Massimo” (Michele Morrone). It was released on August 19, 2022, in the 365-day world.

Netflix’s most recent effort to wrap up the tale of Massimo and Laura, a poisonous love story full of terrible moments, was possibly the least interesting of the three movies that have already been aired. The last two movies weren’t Oscar contenders, and they lowered the bar for any potential sequels, so this is shocking.

It’s unusual for a third movie to fall short of the calibre of its predecessor. However, The Next 365 Days features its fair share of pointless sexual sequences and stupid language, which is sure to draw in a sizable audience.

Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Biaows are the film’s directors. Continue reading for a thorough analysis of The Next 365 Days.

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The Next 365 Days Ending, Explained

Plot Summary for “The Next 365 Days”

A funeral and a meeting between Massimo and Nacho’s father open the movie. In these early moments, it is strongly hinted that Laura is dead, but it turns out that this is a trick. Adriano’s funeral is being held. In an effort to defuse the tension between the two factions, Massimo is reminded by Nacho’s father that a conflict between the two would be too expensive for both sides. Massimo replies by admonishing Nacho and his father to avoid Sicily and giving them one hour to leave.

Laura has overcome her tragedy, but she still bears emotional, mental, and bodily scars. She wants things to return to normal in her life, but Massimo and her friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska) treat her with such fragility that she feels like a glass figurine. Laura’s inner desperation drives her to wish for things to return to the way they once were. She gradually realizes that she is not the same person who travelled to the island.

Her time spent there radically altered her. She realises right away why this is happening: she is undeniably in love with Nacho. She dreams of having sex with him, and one day she even thinks she is with Nacho when she is actually with Massimo when she awakens.

Olga is too preoccupied with her own connection with Domenico, one of Massimo’s most dependable lieutenants, to listen to Laura when she tries to talk to her about her mixed emotions. Although they do interact occasionally, Laura seems to believe that Olga has become more a part of Massimo’s crime family than she has become a part of her own in recent months.

Laura is aware that Massimo has determined there is a problem. Later on, we find out that Massimo has always been aware of what transpired on the island. While on business in Portugal, Laura meets Nacho and his sister Amelia. She realises that she will have to decide the emotions she is fervently suppressing erupt out of her with force.

The Next 365 Days Ending

The Next 365 Days Ending Explained: Who Does Laura Choose?

Massimo and Laura’s romance started under questionable circumstances. He was her kidnapper—an authoritarian, unstable, and moody man. Because of the intrinsically toxic relationship between the two central characters in the first movie, it received a lot of criticism, and one could say that it was pretty justified. Similar to the second book of Lipiska’s trilogy, things were drastically toned down in the first sequel. Then Nacho is introduced as a character, probably to counteract Massimo and provide Laura with options other than her severely constrained collaboration with the Sicilian mob lord.

In the second movie, Laura and Nacho start dating, albeit on a fictitious pretext. Massimo hasn’t strayed from Laura, and Nacho’s father is a rival crime lord rather than a gardener. After Laura is shot, it seems to stop abruptly. However, as it becomes clear in “The Next 365 Days,” their feelings for one another were quite sincere and persisted.

By approaching Laura, Nacho puts his life and his father’s life in danger, and Laura appears to believe that her marriage is all but ended. There is danger lurking on the outskirts of this passionate relationship filled with passion and sizzling hot sex. The fact that Laura has a relationship where she has a choice at every stage may be most significant for her.

Ironically, Nacho and Massimo are very similar. Even though he doesn’t abduct Laura, he brings her to the island in the second movie, aware that she is the victim of complex deceit. After all, he actively contributes to that deception. He and his father plan to bring her to the island after betraying their Sicilian collaborators.

In the third movie, Laura may or may not be aware that Nacho’s father planned the incident that resulted in her miscarriage. Laura correctly reminds Massimo in “The Next 365 Days” how chaotic their lives are due to his adversaries. But she needs to understand that having Nacho around won’t improve everything. Additionally, he is heavily involved with the mob.

The movie ends suddenly without giving an apparent response to the query regarding her ultimate decision. There will undoubtedly be chatter about a sequel. One can hypothesise about Netflix’s motivations if there isn’t a sequel, and this is all we ever get.

Massimo seems to turn wicked in the book. Nacho ends up marrying Laura, and the two go on to have a child. The third book has drawn criticism from readers who are ostensibly fans of the first one due to this finish. The conclusion of the movie is probably meant to counteract this reaction. Laura learns that Massimo has known about Laura’s affair all along. He hasn’t taken any action despite this. She starts to have second thoughts about divorcing and even dreams about sharing a bed with Massimo and Nacho.

Eventually, Laura decides to revisit Sicily and talk to her husband. To get Laura to her house, Nacho takes a life-threatening risk and penetrates Massimo’s area. Laura once more informs Nacho that she needs some time in the car. The movie finishes with her talking to her spouse on a beach not far from their house. He queries whether she has returned. Before she can respond, the credits begin to roll.

We can assume that she ends up with Nacho based on the plot of the movie and the author of the original work’s chosen conclusion. However, Netflix lets viewers come to their own conclusions regarding Laura’s decision. The choice is either Nacho and Massimo, or both. Laura can even start over if the audience wishes to ignore all of this silliness.

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