The Takedown (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

the takedown 2022 ending explained

The Takedown (2022) Movie Ending Explained – You’d never guess Louis Leterrier’s new French-language Netflix buddy-cop action film The Takedown is a sequel to 2012’s On the Other Side of the Tracks if you watched the entire movie. I certainly did. My justifications are valid: The first film, for example, received little worldwide attention and only a few screenings in the United States.

And two, it does not refer to the previous coupling of performers Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte, who played mismatched cops with quick wits in the film. Consider this scenario: A sequel that is completely self-contained and stands on its own two feet without requiring the spectator to bring many pre-digested story points and character attributes into the film with them, which is, as I mentioned before, homework.

The Takedown‘ (French: ‘Loin du périph’) follows Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), a lifelong friend and former police colleague, on the trail of a gruesome murder. The sequel to ‘On the Other Side of the Tracks‘ (French: ‘De l’autre côté du périph’) follows Ousmane and François on another perplexing mission, this time in the French countryside.

A foreboding town, a secret substance, and a brutal young man’s murder all make up for a fun adventure. Things start to get dicey near the finish, so let’s take a closer look at the ‘The Takedown’ movie ending to see what happens.

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The Takedown Ending Explained

The Takedown (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

Diakité and Monge as police officers who are the complete opposite, and get paired together to uncover an unexpectedly big criminal case.

The film begins with Ousmane, the head of the crime division, wrestling a brutal criminal into submission. Ousman’s techniques, which result in viral recordings of him confronting the criminal, do not impress his supervisor.

The hefty, good-natured police chief is requested to be the new face of the police force since the Paris police division needs some excellent PR. Ousmane refuses and is summoned to the train station, where a mangled body has been discovered.

Ousmane bumps into his old partner, François, at the crime site. François insists on accompanying Ousman despite their previous feud, and the two travel to French provinces near Saint-Julien-en-Genevois.

The two Paris police officers are picked up by Alice of the local police force when they arrive in the little village. Even while their investigation into Kevin Marchal’s killing proceeds, Ousmane takes an immediate fancy to Alice and flirts with her.

Kevin was quickly determined to be a drug manufacturer and distributor. Ousmane discovers that Kevin’s medicines ease the pain of his customers after a brawl with a former customer. As the two cops investigate deeper, they discover a link to the town’s fanatical right-wing mayor, Antoine Brunner.

Ousmane and François eventually track down the politician, who is plotting a coordinated attack on mosques, shelter houses, and other places where minorities gather. While Ousmane collects their guns and engages in a brief scuffle with Alice, who reveals out to be on the Mayor’s side, François distracts the cheering crowd.

The Takedown Plot Synopsis

How Did Kevin Marchal Die at the End of ‘The Takedown’ Movie?

Between the two Paris police officers and the Mayor’s right-wing militia, an enormous and chaotic battle erupts. Antoine manages to flee and arrives at an immigrant shelter equipped with explosives. He detonates the device, but no one is injured.

Finally, Ousmane and François apprehend the Mayor and expose the plot. Their employer, unsurprisingly, takes the credit. The video concludes with François becoming the new face of the Paris police public relations effort, which Ousmane quickly mocks. The movie concludes with the two being summoned to the top of the Eiffel Tower for their next case, where they immediately begin pursuing a suspect.

The death of Kevin Marchal, 28, sets off the investigation, but it is never fully resolved. The young man’s upper half is discovered jammed on a train, while the bottom half is discovered in the countryside. Kevin was shot and then fell over a bridge, where he was disfigured by the electric wires, according to Ousmane.

The shooter’s identity, though, remains unknown. Later, an incriminating gun is discovered in the locker of Carl Muller, a recently deceased nightclub bouncer. For a while, it appeared that the case had been solved. Ousmane, on the other hand, is distrustful of the Sons of Clovis, of whom Carl was a member. The police chief believes the gun might have been readily hidden in Carl’s locker.

The individual who shot Kevin is never apprehended. The gunman, however, is almost certainly a member of the Sons of Clovis. Given that the majority of the group’s members have been captured, including its head, Antoine Brunner, Kevin’s killer is almost certainly in custody.

We cannot, however, be certain. Kevin’s killer is still Carl Muller, according to official records, because Ousmane never bothers to tell his superiors about his alternate theory.

What Happens to Alice

The Takedown (2022) Ending Explained: Is She Alive or Dead?

One of the major revelations at the conclusion is that Ousmane’s love interest, Alice, is a Mayor sympathiser who is assisting the Sons of Clovis. She is momentarily handcuffed after a scuffle with Ousmane, but manages to escape. She subsequently assists Antoine in escaping, but is gravely hurt in the ensuing vehicle accident.

Alice survives in the end, but she is last seen in a neck brace being brought to the hospital. It’s unclear whether she’ll be arrested or not. Given that she was caught attempting to assist the disgraced Mayor, Alice is almost certain to be arrested after she recovers from her injuries.

The Takedown Ending, Explained

Finally, Why does François have an Acting Job?

At the conclusion of the film, François is given an appropriate but somewhat unexpected gift. The police officer complains as he watches his boss being questioned on television about the events involving the Sons of Clovis, that the real individuals who perform the work are never interviewed.

As a result, Ousmane appears to promote François as the new face of the Paris police department’s public relations campaign. This is a job that was first offered to Ousmane, but he declined since he believes the police department is looking for a “nice Black face” for their campaign. He is, nevertheless, delighted to hand up the spotlight to François.

As a result, François becomes the (overly) passionate central figure in a massive police recruitment drive. He eventually finds himself in front of the camera, where he energetically participates in a variety of criminal apprehension scenarios, despite the fact that they are simulated.

The Takedown (2022) Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Ousmane Diakite (Sy) and his accomplice are going to apprehend “Europe’s most wanted man.” That man, however, is fighting in front of a boisterous crowd in an underground MMA ring, and has just knocked out a very massive man. This hasn’t deterred Ousmane in the least. He dives right in, sending the editor into a cut-happy frenzy, the art director into a frenzy with the yellows, greens, and reds, and the cinematographer into a frenzy with all the LENS FLARE blasting over the screen.

As a Parisian police captain, crime division, Ousmane punches, dodges, and arm-bars the bad guy till you wonder why he isn’t a UFC champion – it must be his dedication to truth and justice and all that. The PR staff wants him to be the face of the force on social media and in promotional videos because he’s so good. That, plus the fact that he’s Black, would help the cops put a nicer gloss on cultural relations, which Ousmane is well aware of.

Meanwhile, Francois Monge (Lafitte) shtoinks his therapist at his parents’ home, where he still lives. Lowly Lt. Monge is still a deputy at this point in his career, though he prefers the designation “associate chief,” despite the fact that denying failure makes him look even more like a failure. Francois is a tool, as evidenced by the fact that I write a considerably shorter introductory paragraph for him than I do for Ousmane.

The Takedown movie review

When a body is discovered, Francois is boarding a commuter train. To be precise, half of one. The first half. The lower half falls under Ousmane’s jurisdiction, forcing the two cops to work together. This allows Ousmane to be competent and Francois to use a coffee stirrer to inspect the cadaver’s exposed schlong (they’re looking at the bottom part, but that should go without saying).

The investigation leads them to a small provincial town where the mayor is a white nationalist linked to a gang of thugs who don’t go so far as to brand their faces with swastikas. Despite their continual competition – you know, being the one who comforts the deceased man’s mother the hardest, fighting for the favour of pretty local cop Alice (Izia Hegelin), etc. – Ousmane and Francois manage to make progress through the shadowy underworld of narcotics, firearms, and ferocious guard dogs.

Of course, their sloppy cop work uncovers a vast conspiracy – after all, do you expect movies like this to deal with minor plots? I don’t believe so.

My Thoughts

The Takedown obviously says nothing about anything, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and detecting this difference isn’t easy. Don’t anticipate any type of meaningful statement on racial division or any of that troublesome cop stuff, thanks to the thrown-off title, wheezy premise, and generi-score musically enforcing the directive that none of this is to be taken seriously. No, the serious subject matter serves as a backdrop for wiseass comedy; therefore the film is only escapism, or perhaps not. Who can say?

The Takedown goes quickly and has some great moments, but it can’t overcome its stale premise.

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