Apple TV+ ‘The Big Conn’: Where is Eric Conn’s Daughter Jordyn Conn Now?

Where is Jordyn Conn Now

Where is Jordyn Conn Now?Apple TV’sThe Big Conn,’ a captivating documentary series created by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez, tells the shocking story of Eric C. Conn. He was a well-known East Kentucky social security lawyer who, along with four partners, cheated the federal government and his clients out of more than $600 million in social security benefits.

While Eric was captured and convicted through a engthy and arduous procedure depicted in the series, fans are also interested in learning more about his daughter, Jordyn. Let’s see how she’s been doing these days, shall we?

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Who is Jordyn Conn
Jordyn Elizabeth Conn at the age of 7.

Jordyn Conn, Who is She?

Eric’s daughter Jordyn Elizabeth Conn was born in September 2000 to his third wife, Lorie, whom he later remarried. Even after parting from his wife, he seemed to be a hands-on parent to his daughter. Jordyn remembers him fondly throughout the series. Eric enjoyed fishing and was a Pepsi fan, according to Jordyn.

She went on to say that he was a loving father who loved spending time with her and guiding her through her education. Jordyn got along with practically all of Eric’s following brides because he made sure they treated her well.

Jordyn resided with her mother in Harold, Kentucky, after Eric and Lorie split, but she also visited her father and grandmother, Pat “Patsy” Ruth Webb Conn. Eric was arrested in April 2016 from his legal company building in Floyd County, Kentucky, when the young girl was roughly 16 years old.

Jordyn expressed her surprise at her father’s arrest and that she had no idea what he was charged with. Eric eventually agreed to a plea deal in 2017, but ripped off his monitoring device and fled across the border only days before his trial.

The family, including Jordyn, was unaware of Eric’s whereabouts and was apparently interrogated by the FBI in an attempt to persuade him to come out of hiding. In 2017, he was apprehended in La Ceiba, Honduras, and returned to Lexington, Kentucky, six months later.

Jordyn was cheering at her high school basketball game when she was informed that her father had been jailed and was brought home. She was shocked, and she was depressed to see images of a tired Eric being broadcast on news networks, and she was worried for her father.

What happened to Jordyn Conn and Where Is She Now?

Jordyn Conn is currently 21 years old and a pre-medicine student at Eastern Kentucky University. Eric was sentenced to 27 years in jail and ordered to pay $72,574,609 in reparations after being extradited to Kentucky in 2018. Jordyn was reportedly unable to see her father prior to his incarceration, and she hasn’t been allowed to see him since.

She visited her grandma Pat till she died in July 2018, at which point she stopped because the house was empty. In the series, Eric expresses his sadness for what happened because it has forever separated him from his daughter, but he wishes her happiness.

Moreover, while now understanding the gravity of her father’s acts, Jordyn still has feelings for him and misses his presence in her life. One can only imagine the horrible ordeal she has endured, and one can only hope that she heals with time.

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