Where is ‘Eric C. Conn’ Kentucky Lawyer Now?

Where Is Eric C. Conn Now
Eric Conn, who was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison after fleeing justice this summer, has been arrested in Honduras. He's seen here in a photo released by the Public Ministry of Honduras.

The Big Conn: Where is ‘Eric C. Conn’ Kentucky Lawyer Now? – The Big Conn is Apple TV+’s newest real crime docuseries, which will startle viewers when it premieres exclusively on the platform this Friday, May 6.

The Big Conn is a four-part docuseries on Eric C Conn, better known as Mr. Social Security, who is still spending time in prison for defrauding Eastern Kentucky people of Social Security payments.

Despite the fact that Conn began his career as an ordinary social security lawyer, law enforcement officers eventually learned that he had stolen almost $600 million in the largest social security fraud case ever. Conn’s disability practise was the third-largest in the United States, and most people were taken aback when his fraudulent practises were discovered.

Let’s get into the intricacies of this case and figure out where Eric C. Conn is right now.

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who is Eric C. Conn Kentucky Lawyer
Eric C. Conn

Who is Eric C. Conn and What He Did?

Eric C. Conn was born in Kentucky and grew up in a typical family. After receiving his law licence, Eric began practising in Eastern Kentucky, in the Appalachia region, which is known for coal mining. Indeed, the most common occupation in that area involved a lot of hard effort, and individuals were frequently harmed.

As a result, the majority of the population in that region relied on one or more disability benefits to meet their basic necessities. Conn decided to seize the opportunity and began referring to himself as “Mr. Social Security.” To increase commerce and give customers a false sense of security and confidence, he placed large banner advertisements on taxis, buses, benches, and billboards.

He also began advertising on radio and television stations in the hopes of luring more individuals into the scam. Conn claimed to be a smart lawyer who could obtain everyone the disability benefits they wanted, but he and two federal administrative law judges, as well as a few doctors, chose to defraud the social security system.

According to the show, the gang devised a method to allow Conn to push his clients through the judicial system in an unorthodox manner. Conn would receive a considerable sum of money for each client he brought in. Furthermore, allegations suggest that the attorney fabricated proof claims and bought a court to benefit from them.

Surprisingly, the scheme went unreported for a long time, despite the fact that Conn and his associates stole almost $600 million in disability benefits. However, a lawsuit filed in late 2011 alerted authorities to the crime, and they apprehended the group in April 2016 following a thorough investigation. Following that, all of the scheme’s participants were charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and making false claims.

Where is 'Eric C. Conn' Kentucky Lawyer today
Eric C. Conn was sentenced to 27 years in prison. He is scheduled to be released in November 2040.

What Happened to Eric C. Conn and Where Is He Now?

Conn pleaded guilty in 2017 after being arrested and even promised to testify against his co-conspirators. Despite the fact that he was expected to appear in court in a few weeks, Conn fled to the border after cutting his ankle monitor. Federal investigators pursued him quickly and were able to catch him near a petrol station in New Mexico.

Meanwhile, while Conn was on the run, a judge sentenced him to 12 years in jail in his absence in July of 2017. In addition, the fugitive was ordered to pay $170 million in restitution fees, a $50,000 fine, and a $5.7 million forfeiture judgement. 

In December 2017, law enforcement agents in Honduras apprehended Eric Conn and took him into custody. As a result of the failed escape attempt, the judge increased his overall sentence by 15 years. Eric is now detained at the Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland and is scheduled to be released in 2040.

The Big Conn will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 6.

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