Timothy Gordon Murder: Where Are Chucky Phillips, Eduardo Trinidad and Denny Dejesus Today?

Timothy Gordon Murder: Where Are Chucky Phillips, Eduardo Trinidad and Denny Dejesus now? – The focus of the anthology series “I Am A Killer” on Netflix is the narratives of prisoners who tell their tales in their own words. While some people apologize for the atrocities they committed, others insist on their innocence, claiming they were not as involved in the crime as was initially thought. The trio of Chucky Phillips, Eduardo Trinidad, and Denny DeJesus are the subject of one such episode from the third season.

They were found guilty of killing Timothy Gordon, who was found dead in an overturned taxi on January 29, 2009. He had been shot fatally, but he had lived long enough to leave the site of the crime and have a vehicle accident in the Strathmore district. He passed away the following day because his injuries were too serious.

According to the inquiry into it, three persons were involved in his slaying. They had intended to not pay him after hailing his cab, go on to rob him, and then kill him with a close-range gun. It ended out that Gordon being slain while the shooters fled after robbing him of just a few hundred dollars. Gordon had to forfeit his life for the pitiful fee of $20. Where did that leave the three prisoners, though? Now, where are they? Let’s investigate.

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Where is Chucky Phillips Today

Where is Chucky Phillips Now?

Chucky Phillips admitted to the second-degree murder of Timothy Gordon when he was just nineteen years old. Phillips confirmed that he, DeJesus, and Trinidad had intended to rob Gordon but instead fired the shot at close range when Trinidad identified him as the shooter. Phillips was given a twenty-year sentence reduction as part of his plea agreement. It was also highlighted that Phillips followed DeJesus in deciding to plead guilty rather than face trial.

Phillips is currently incarcerated at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York, completing his prison term. He will be eligible for release in 2029, which is rather soon, given Eduardo Trinidad’s sentence.

Where is Eduardo Trinidad Today

Where is Eduardo Trinidad Now?

Even though Eduardo Trinidad did not fire the shot, he was charged with the same offences as Phillips. He went to trial rather than accepting a plea bargain. He claimed that he was never involved in the shooting. He claimed that he carried out the plan to exit the cab without paying the fare. However, DeJesus’ evidence proved that Phillips ultimately fired the fatal shot that Trinidad had given her the rifle.

He was found guilty of killing someone, attempting to commit robbery, and having a firearm illegally. Due to this, his whole sentence was forty years, which is double the amount of time Phillips was given after accepting the plea agreement. Trinidad insists on his innocence in the case despite the verdict and has spoken out against the unfairness of the legal system.

Due to the stark disparity in their sentences, some have questioned what happens when someone decides against accepting a bargain and opts to go to trial. Bill Walsh, the judge who handed down the punishments, thinks Trinidad’s sentence is reasonable and complies with the law. Trinidad had been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder and an additional 15 years for illegally possessing a firearm. The fact that Phillips’ bargain allowed him to avoid one of the charges may be the cause of the disparity in his sentence.

Trinidad is now incarcerated at the Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus, New York, where he is completing his term. In the year 2047, he will be eligible for parole.

Where is Denny DeJesus Today

Where is Denny DeJesus Now?

Denny DeJesus, age 20, was the first person accused by police after they began investigating Timothy Gordon’s murder. He was the target of charges against Trinidad and Phillips for Gordon’s homicide as well. DeJesus was initially charged with having a loaded gun in Liverpool, Syracuse, and other areas of Onondaga County while working with Phillips and Trinidad. His defense, though, limited it to just Liverpool.

DeJesus entered a plea of guilty to the charge of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He received a fifteen-year prison sentence as punishment. Additionally, he supported the prosecution during Trinidad’s trial. When it came to identifying the shooter, he was the one who pointed in the direction of Phillips. This is what led Phillips to accept a plea agreement as well.

DeJesus received a release in 2021 after serving ten of the fifteen years of his sentence behind bars. He has made an effort to hide and avoid the spotlight ever since. Additionally, even though the other two parties appear in the Netflix documentary to provide their perspectives, he opted out of it. The likelihood is that DeJesus is currently residing in New York and avoiding both social media and the news media.

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