Beulah Jolivet Murder: Where is Killer Deryl Madison Now?

Beulah Jolivet Murder: Where is Killer Deryl Madison Today? – The true crime docuseries “I Am A Killer” on Netflix is about people who have served time for homicide. Most of these people’s lives have been spent behind bars, and several are currently on execution row. Every episode features a different prisoner who tells about their lives, their upbringing, who they were prior to committing the crime, and how things have been for them since receiving their sentence.

The story of Deryl Madison is presented in the second episode of Season 3 of the show, “I Am A Killer.” He has been incarcerated since 1988 and will remain there forever. He won’t be released any time soon because of the nature of his offense. The harshness of his deeds initially causes the audience pain.

But a closer examination of his life story and the series of incidents that led up to the tragic day when he took two lives—his own included—into the fire reveals that there is always much more going on behind the surface of any crime. What you need to know if you’re wondering what happened in Beulah Jolivet’s murder and where Deryl Madison is right now.

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Beulah Jolivet Murder

Who is Deryl Madison?

When Deryl Madison was detained for the murder of Beulah Jolivet, 81, he attracted attention from the public. She was found dead in her home, where Madison had stolen items and sold them to pay for drugs, after being stabbed and beaten to death in the same area and just a block away.

Many details of Madison’s past were revealed during the trial, providing insight into his current predicament and what drove him to do such a horrible crime. Dr. Wendall Dickerson described Madison’s early life and the challenges he faced. He was raised in a violent home where he and other family members were subjected to beatings, acute intoxication on the part of the father, obsessive gambling, and other forms of abuse in an “extraordinarily dangerous atmosphere.” Madison failed to develop the skills necessary to control his rage as a result of these situations. He developed a destructive streak as a result, which manifested itself in his early use of fire.

His psychiatric issues were caused by the upheaval at home and his own convoluted worldview. He was given the asocial personality disorder and dissociative personality disorder diagnoses by Dr. Dickerson. The Netflix documentary features Madison talking about the latter. The doctor explained his predicament by saying, “His life’s circumstances have been enough stressful. He separates different aspects of himself. He is capable of being entirely unconscious of what one part of himself is doing. He doesn’t have several personalities, but he struggles to understand how his feelings and actions are related. He doesn’t really understand that, either. Madison asserts that he did those terrible acts because of this aspect of himself, this other personality.

Beulah Jolivet Murder: How Did He Die?

Beulah Jolivet was adored and esteemed in her neighbourhood. The prosecution at Deryl Madison’s trial revealed how Jolivet used to assist others in her neighbourhood who had drug problems, including Madison. Nobody in the Fifth Ward is willing to assist a crack cocaine user. That is due to Aunt Beulah Jolivet’s absence. It’s as a result of her passing. She had come to his aid. They claimed that she was trying to assist him in any way she could.

Because of their acquaintance with one another, Jolivet had no reason to be wary of Madison’s motives. On April 2, 1988, she was relaxing on the porch, having a good time, when Madison came by. After a bit of discussion about various topics, Madison opened the door for Jolivet when she got up to go inside and get ready. She didn’t anticipate him pushing her, though. Madison then struck Jolivet and strangled her with a radio cable. He killed her by stabbing her twice in the back with a kitchen knife.

As seen in the Netflix documentary, Madison entered and exited the home at least three times, according to the police. To earn money for narcotics, he looted the location and sold anything he could. Jolivet’s body was found, and an inquiry started two days after she was killed.

Where is Deryl Madison Now?

Beulah Jolivet’s aggravated kidnapping and capital murder were both found to be committed by Deryl Madison. He received a death sentence. Madison testified during the trial that his drug use contributed to some of his actions the day of the murder. He may have started abusing drugs in eighth or ninth grade, starting with alcohol and marijuana before moving on to cocaine and methamphetamine. “The cocaine was the reason I did it,” he claimed. I was intoxicated when it occurred. The investigation of his mental condition at the time of the murder included the fact that he had been identified as having personality disorders.

Even though it was evident that Madison had a difficult upbringing and had battled drug addiction and mental illness for some time, this did not influence the judge to commute his sentence to anything less than the death penalty. He spent over two decades on the death row. Three weeks remained till his scheduled execution date when Mayer Brown chose to take on his case in 2001.

A stay of execution was obtained, temporarily absolving Madison of his punishment. As part of the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, they also succeeded in getting an order “tolling the expired time limits relevant for pursuing a habeas corpus petition.” Additionally, they came to terms with the Harris County DA to take execution off the table forever. He was to receive a life sentence with no chance of parole in return for this. Madison is now detained in Michael, a facility located near Tennessee Colony, Texas.

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