Judi Eftenoff Murder Case: Where is Brian Eftenoff Today?

Judi Eftenoff Murder

Judi Eftenoff Murder: Where is Brian Eftenoff Now? – The 1999 case of Judi Eftenoff’s death, which was ostensibly brought on by a cocaine overdose, is ready for another look from Reasonable Doubt. Brian Eftenoff, her husband, was later accused of her murder as a result of the mounting evidence. Brian received a 50-year prison term.

The next episode of “Reasonable Doubt: The Jerk” will air on Investigation Discovery on August 23, 2022, at 9.00 AM EST. The case is complex in many respects, but there are a lot of significant and fascinating facts related to it. Let’s investigate what happened with Judi Eftenoff and his killer, shall we?

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How Did Judi Eftenoff Die
Judi Eftenoff with her husband Brian Eftenoff.

Who Was Judi Eftenoff and How Did She Die?

She was one of four children born to Wally and Sharon Harding and raised in Mandan, North Dakota. Judi was a fun-loving individual who enjoyed sports. Judi attended North Dakota State University after graduating from high school before relocating to Tempe, Arizona, a few years later. On September 4, 1993, Judi and Brian Eftenoff exchanged vows. The 30-year-old and Brian’s children, Rikki and Nickolas, who were then 5 and 3 years old, occupied a home in Phoenix, Arizona’s Ahwatukee Foothills community at the time of the event.

On September 24, 1999, at about 5:36 am, Brian, arrived home after a night out with a friend to discover Judi lying face down on the carpet of the main bathroom. She was not revived despite his best efforts. When the police arrived, they found Judi with some marks on the back of her head, a cut on her lip, and a bruise on her neck. The officer discovered two baggies of cocaine in her purse on the counter. The medical examiner found that Judi had a stroke due to using too much cocaine, but the cause of death was recorded as unknown.

Who Killed Judi Eftenoff
Brian Eftenoff

Who Killed Judi Eftenoff and Why?

The children’s nanny was the only other person present in the home besides the children and Brian. She recalled arriving at the Eftenoff residence at about one o’clock in the morning on September 24 and going to her room without detecting anything unusual. On September 23, at around 10 p.m., Brian claimed to have left with his friend Nick to play at a nearby casino. They first made stops at a pub, an ATM, and a store. Nick didn’t recall seeing Judi, but Brian, who was 39 then, gave conflicting accounts of where she was when he departed.

The police were likewise alarmed by Brian’s actions. According to the episode, he was chit-chatting with the police on the way to the station only a few hours after his wife was discovered dead. In addition, Judi’s family had never been fond of Brian. According to police accounts, he used drugs, gambled, and allegedly coerced Judi into having intercourse with other women. Brian asserted that they had a deal and occasionally played threesomes with another woman. Judi’s friends claim that she mentioned Brian’s physically abusing her and that he was accused of being overbearing.

According to a friend, Judi allegedly had plans to break up with Brian by 1999. When she was five years old, Rikki told social workers that she had witnessed her parents arguing, but she gave contradictory accounts of what had transpired. Just hours before her passing, Rikki recalled “Daddy striking Mommy” in a conversation with a social worker.

The nanny, however, claimed to the police that despite the couple’s frequent arguments, she had never witnessed physical violence. Judi’s closest friend also asserted that Brian had given his wife cocaine. However, he refuted that accusation on the program.

The police thought Brian assaulted Judi before forcing cocaine down her throat and suffering a stroke. According to an expert’s testimony, the amount of cocaine found in her body was too much for her to have consumed on her own. The prosecution’s account of the events was eventually questioned, though.

One expert felt Judi’s death was an accident since she overdosed on cocaine, while another thought Brian couldn’t have beaten her up and shoved cocaine down her throat. It was conceivable that the wounds were from Judi’s unintentional overdose. These injuries, according to an expert, do not suggest a beating.

Where is Brian Eftenoff Today
Brian was sentenced to jail for 22 years for the murder and 28 years for the drug offence.

What Happened to Brian Eftenoff and Where Is He Now?

Brian Eftenoff testified in his own defence throughout the trial by getting up on the witness stand. He asserted that Judi had a cocaine addiction. He also thought about the potential of her being murdered. In addition, Brian contradicted his first statement about assaulting his wife and denied calling her a “coke whore” during a confrontation that allegedly took place around Memorial Day 1999, according to a neighbour’s story.

He was ultimately found guilty of second-degree murder and drug distribution (cocaine was discovered in a box containing Judi’s possessions that Brian had delivered to her parents; he maintained his innocence).

Brian Eftenoff received two concurrent sentences in May 2001: 22 years for the murder and 28 years for the drug offence. According to prison records, his current location is listed as the Arizona State Prison Complex-Safford in Graham County, Arizona. In March 2046, Brian will be eligible for release.

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