Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley Murder Case: Where Are Erika and Benjamin Sifrit Today?

Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley Murder

Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley Murders: Where Are Erika and Benjamin Sifrit Now? – People Magazine Investigates: Natural Born Killers” on Investigation Discovery. The horrifying double homicide case involving Josh Ford and Martha “Geney” Crutchley, which ultimately resulted in the capture and conviction of Benjamin and Erika Sifrit, the notorious “thrill-kill pair,” will be revisited by investigators. The episode “Natural Born Killers” is slated to premiere this Monday, August 22, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET.

Tourists Josh Ford, 32, and Geney Crutchley, 51, were brutally killed in the Sifrits’ penthouse apartment in May 2002 over Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean City. Their remains were later dissected, placed in trash bags, and dumped in Delaware, Maryland. Days later, investigators found their bodies in a sizable landfill.

The crime rocked the resort town and exposed a couple who thought of themselves as the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde for their wrongdoings. Unfortunately, Ford and Crutchley only served as props in their nefarious scheme. So, if you’re also interested in learning more about Martha Crutchley and Joshua Ford death and their killer, we can help.

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How Did Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley Die

How Did Martha Crutchley and Joshua Ford Pass Away?

Joshua Ford was born and raised in South Boston, Massachusetts, where he developed a lifelong love for karate and a keen interest in athletics. He first met Martha “Geney” Crutchley in December 1999 during a holiday gathering, and the two got along right away. They were content together, and she was described as serene and affectionate. Joshua and Geney both worked in the insurance industry at the time. When Joshua received a good job offer in Fairfax, Virginia, in 2001, they relocated there.

The couple decided to visit Ocean City for Memorial Day weekend in May 2002. They were last spotted on May 25th night, when they abruptly vanished. Family members were concerned when they couldn’t get in touch with 32-year-old Joshua and Geney; Geney even missed an appointment.

In the end, Delaware’s landfill was where the authorities discovered Joshua and Geney’s corpses. Joshua’s body and arms were discovered, and gunshot wounds were the cause of his death. The cause of 51-year-old Geney’s death is unknown because only her leg was found.

Who Killed Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley
Erika and Benjamin Sifrit

Who Killed Martha Crutchley and Joshua Ford and Why?

The police discovered Geney’s automobile parked outside of the Ocean City condo where they were residing. Nothing was missing inside the home, and the wallets were also present, giving the impression that the couple had only momentarily left. Their licenses were the only thing the cops were unable to locate. According to the investigation, Joshua and Geney were at a neighborhood pub on May 25 before boarding a bus to go to another nightclub. They were witnessed offering to pay for another couple’s bus fare who had no change.

Three days later, the police were called to a burglary that was taking place at a Hooters’ restaurant while they were still investigating the previous incident. Both 25-year-old Benjamin Adam “BJ” Sifrit and his wife Erika were taken into custody. They were apprehended while robbing Hooter of his goods and hauled into arrest. The police discovered firearms in Erika’s purse along with Joshua and Martha’s licenses. The cops hurried to the Sifrits’ condo to see if Joshua and Geney were still alive. The only evidence the authorities discovered inside was some blood.

The restroom appeared spotless, just like on the show, but it had some dried blood and a bullet hole. Two expended rounds with blood and flesh on them were also discovered. When BJ and Erika were taken into custody, Erika spoke with the police and gave a distressing account of what transpired.

Erika claimed they went to a nightclub together after running into Joshua and Geney on the bus. The two were afterwards welcomed to her and BJ’s condo. Once there, Erika claimed she accused Joshua and Geney of taking her jewelry-filled bag, which prompted BJ to reach for a revolver and demand that they strip down.

Fearful of being shot, the couple fled to the bathroom and locked it, but Erika allegedly told BJ to do so. The show claims that BJ opened fire through the door before kicking it in and killing Joshua. Erika acknowledged slashing Geney twice in later interviews. She added that the bodies were disassembled, packaged, and dumped in Delaware. Erika assisted the police with the locations. Later, BJ claimed in court that his wife had killed the victims; he said he had dozed off in the car and woken to Erika pleading for his assistance.

BJ acknowledged that he was the one who came up with the idea of separating Joshua and Geney. The Secret Service’s interviews with Erika provided some information to the authorities about her relationship with BJ. She reportedly described him as a bigot and a racist who had physically and mentally tortured her.

According to court records, Erika once said that BJ compelled her to get an abortion four months after forcing her to become pregnant. She further claimed that he had previously threatened to harm her family and asked her to get a tattoo in the precise spot where she had cut Geney.

Where Are Erika and Benjamin Sifrit Today

Where Are Benjamin and Erika Sifrit Today?

Melissa Seling’s evidence, who met the couple a few days after Joshua and Geney were killed, helped the prosecution’s case. Erika stated that her purse was gone after arriving at their unit, and BJ pulled a revolver. But BJ discovered the bag, and everything resumed as usual. The program stated that Melissa said BJ had mentioned killing two individuals just days earlier.

BJ was convicted of second-degree murder and first-degree assault in the killing of Geney in April 2003. BJ was ultimately cleared of killing Joshua because the prosecution struggled to establish who had fired the gun. Later, he was sentenced to 38 years in prison. BJ is still a prisoner at the Roxbury Correctional Facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. His parole was turned down in April 2022.

Erika was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Joshua and second-degree murder in the death of Geney in June 2003. She was convicted of several lesser crimes as well. One of the firearms discovered in her bag and a bullet from it were used as evidence against her. As a result, Erika received a life sentence plus 20 years more of incarceration.

According to records, she is presently incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Anne Arundel County. Erika can apply for parole in 2024, while BJ can be released in 2030.

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