Where is Sun Gym Gang’s Survivor Marc Schiller Today?

Where is Sun Gym Gang’s Survivor Marc Schiller Now

Where is Sun Gym Gang’s Survivor Marc Schiller Now? – Midway through the 1990s, the Sun Gym Gang was active in Miami, Florida, and was charged with the killings of Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton and the abduction, extortion, and attempted murder of Marc Schiller. The majority of the members of the gang, including Adrian Doorbal and Daniel Lugo, were bodybuilders who frequently visited the Sun Gym in Miami Lakes, Florida. 

Pain and Gain,” a three-part story by Pete Collins that detailed the gang’s exploits in the Miami New Times in 1999 and 2000, was loosely adapted into the Michael Bay–directed movie “Pain & Gain” in 2013.

Businessman Frank Griga and his girlfriend, Krisztina Furton, vanished in May 1995. The circumstances surrounding the disappearance made the police think of the kidnapping of Marcelo Schiller, another affluent businessman. 

The focus of “The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: Roid Rage” on Investigation Discovery is on those accountable for the killings of Frank and Krisztina and the abduction of Marc. Therefore, we can answer your questions about what happened to Marc Schiller and how he miraculously survived.

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Who is Marc Schiller

Marc Schiller: Who is he?

Marc was raised in the United States, where he attended college and finally earned his CPA certification. He was born in Argentina and raised there. Marc ran a profitable medical billing company at the time of the tragedy, owned a restaurant, and ran a supplement business. Although Marc did collaborate with Jorge Delgado (a group member imprisoned for the killings of Frank and Krisztina), their relationship terminated once he made friends with Danny Lugo (the ringleader).

In a 1994 encounter, Daniel Lugo enquired about Noel Doorbal and Stevenson Pierre’s interest in working for $100,000 over two days. Lugo said that businessman Marc Schiller had taken $100,000 from him and $200,000 from Jorge Delgado, a different gym patron. A few days later, at another meeting, Delgado consented to the scheme to kidnap Schiller, force him to sign over his assets, and maybe kill him. Delgado was in a position to provide particular details about Schiller, including the codes to his home.

Marc remarked, “I never trusted Lugo. I told Delgado that Lugo would get him in trouble one day. Little did I know the trouble would involve me.” Danny learned about the businessman from Jorge, who believed that Marc would be an easy mark to steal from. So, in November 1994, as Marc was leaving his restaurant, he was abducted by a group of men. Marc said, “I walked out to my car … as soon as I opened my door … I’m grabbed from behind by three guys.”

The group attempted to kidnap Schiller and had a variety of schemes. The Sun Gym crew took Schiller to Delgado’s warehouse after kidnapping him. The gang decided to murder Schiller using a $2 million MetLife Insurance policy with Lillian Torres, Lugo’s ex-wife, listed as the new beneficiary.

Marc was handcuffed, tased, and driven away in a van by the group. As they carried him to a warehouse, he believed he would pass away. Marc was beaten and tortured there for days. 

He said, “[Adrian] Doorbal would yell, ‘Fire! Fire!’ but real sick. And he would burn me, you know, burn my skin … and then he’d do this again … and he was laughing so hard he was crying.” 

They even played Russian roulette with him and wouldn’t allow him to use the restroom. Danny and the others tormented Marc for days, including making rape threats against his wife. At one point, Marc was given permission to make a phone call, and he told his family to leave town right away.

Finally, Marc finally gave in to the pressure and agreed to sign over all of his assets and money. The group made Marc sign up for his assets, money, and life insurance policy while he was blindfolded. The group kept Marc after they took control of the properties until they decided to kill him. They put him in his car after forcing him to drink and after giving him sleeping medications. The group smashed the car into a post to simulate a drunken accident. His car was set on fire. However, Marc managed to escape, which prompted the gang to run him over. Even so, he was still alive.

Marc suffered burns, wounds, and a shattered pelvis before finding himself in a hospital. Nobody, however, took him seriously and insisted that it was only an accident. Marc soon got in touch with a private investigator, Ed Du Bois, who investigated the situation. According to the police, he temporarily relocated to Colombia and didn’t disclose the crime until April 1995. However, Marc asserted that they didn’t believe him when he eventually told the police. When they came across Frank, Danny and the others continued to spend Marc’s money while searching for a new victim.

Where is Marc Schiller Now

What Happened to Marc Schiller and Where Is He Now?

When the group was taken into custody for the deaths of Frank and Krisztina, Marc appeared in court and related what had happened to him. When he entered and saw Lugo and Doorbal, he later remarked, “I realised that I was in control because they never expected that I’d be sitting there blaming them.” It supported the jury’s guilty decision and resulted in their lengthy imprisonment.

Ed asserted that there was no Medicare scam, but the FBI also detained Marc. Marc subsequently accepted a plea agreement, spent two years in prison, and was eventually freed in 2001. Though he has constantly maintained his innocence, the loss of his CPA licence made life challenging for him after being released. The next year, he received his license back after working for his brother and running a vending machine route.

According to rumours, Marc is employed by a large tax resolution firm as an accountant and tax resolution specialist. In addition, he has written two books, “Pain and Gain: How I Survived” and “Triumphed and Pain and Gain: The Untold True Story.” Marc appears to be doing well in life, is the delighted father of a son and a daughter, and seems to reside in Florida. Because of his representation in the 2013 movie “Pain and Gain,” he filed a lawsuit against Mark Wahlberg, the production company and the director in 2014.

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