Where is Joshua Ford’s Son ‘Zachary Ford’ Today?

Where is Joshua Ford’s Son Zachary Ford Now

Where is Joshua Ford’s Son Zachary Ford Now? – Joshua Ford, then 32, and Martha “Geney” Crutchley, then 51, left for an intimate weekend break in Ocean City, Maryland, in 2002.

They left Fairfax, Virginia, for the resort town in Maryland over Memorial Day weekend and were scheduled to return home early the following week. Friends and family became alarmed when Ford and Crutchley failed to show up for work or answer their phones after the holiday weekend had finished. Then they were reported missing.

To locate the pair, police in Fairfax contacted law enforcement in Ocean City. However, what detectives soon discovered confirmed their worst suspicions: Ford and Crutchley had been the victims of a horrific double homicide that had happened early on Saturday morning.

The subject of “People Magazine Investigates: Natural Born Killers” on Investigation Discovery is the double murder of Joshua Ford and his girlfriend, Martha “Geney” Crutchley. In May 2002, while on vacation, the couple came across Benjamin and Erika Sifrit, who brutally killed them without a known reason. Joshua’s son, Zachary Ford, told some tales about his father and how his father’s passing affected him and his life on the programme. Therefore, I say let’s learn more about Zachary.

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Who is Zachary Ford
Zachary Ford with his father Joshua Ford

Zachary Ford: Who is He?

Zachary Ford praised Joshua as a wonderful father who was outgoing and made friends easily. Zachary was only two years old when his parents split up, but he had strong bonds with them both. Even though he spent most of his time with his mother, he consistently made the six-to-eight-week trip to Boston, Massachusetts, to be with Joshua. Zachary recalled his father’s joy following his meeting with Geney in 1999.

But Joshua and Geney vanished in May 2002, when Zachary was only 8 years old. He recalled how, as a youngster, he struggled to handle the information. It was only the start, though, as he soon discovered that his father had been murdered, dismembered, and abandoned. All Zachary could do at the time was remain mute and avoid interacting with anyone for a more extended period, as the authorities made every effort to bring those responsible to justice.

Erika’s statements and incriminating evidence against BJ and Erika ultimately resulted in their detention. Because of their kindness, Geney and Joshua finally perished. The four people eventually ended up hanging out at BJ and Erika’s condo on the evening of their murders after the couple offered to pay for their bus trip. It’s unclear exactly what happened at the house, but Joshua and Geney were killed, dismembered, and dumped as a result.

Where is Zachary Ford Today

What Happened to Zachary Ford and Where Is He Now?

Zachary discussed his difficulties with growing up without his father on the show. But the incident inspired him to enrol in law school, earning his J.D. in criminal justice/police science from Texas A&M University School of Law in 2019. In November 2019, Zachary worked as the Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Tarrant County, Texas, following internships with a district court, the Texas Attorney General, and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office.

After a year as a judicial law clerk at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Zachary started working as a litigation associate at a private company in September 2021. He enjoys taking family vacations and has been married to Katelyn Ford since 2019. Zachary recently relocated to Dallas-Fort Worth from Austin.

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