Tracey Tetso Murder: Where is Dennis Tetso Today?

Tracey Tetso Murder

Tracey Tetso Murder: Where is Dennis Tetso Now? – In March 2005, 32-year-old Tracey Gardner-Tetso, a resident of Baltimore County, vanished for an unexplained period of time.

Without any tangible proof, the authorities eventually managed to convict her husband, Dennis Tetso, of the purported homicide. One of the first convictions in the county without a body occurred in Tracey’s case.

After failing to return home from a rock event in 2005, Gardner disappeared. The only piece of evidence at the time was her car, which was sitting in a parking lot off Ritchie Highway. Before Tetso was eventually connected to the disappearance and found guilty of her alleged murder, the case remained unsolved for nearly five years.

The Investigation Discovery forthcoming episode of “Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death: No Body” will examine Tracey Gardner-disappearance Tetso’s and alleged murder on Sunday, September 4. If you want to read more about Tracey Tetso and her disappearance, keep reading below.

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How Did Tracey Tetso Die

How Did Tracey Tetso Die?

Before being married in September 2004, Tracey Leigh Gardner and Dennis Tetso were together for roughly six to seven years. At the time of the occurrence, the couple resided in Rosedale, Maryland, and both of them were employed by Aggregate Industries. Tracey worked there as a dispatcher at the time, when she was about 32 years old.

Tracey Gardner-Tetso apparently had plans to see Motley Crue perform in Washington on March 6, 2005, but she did not show up with her pals at the venue.

A missing person report was made the following day after she vanished. Later, when the Baltimore County woman unexpectedly disappeared, the band joined the search for her. She was never located, though.

Sources claim that her husband, Dennis Tetso, reported her missing the following day. One of the victim’s close friends, Dawn Spadaro, claimed that Tetso called her the following day to tell her that Tracey was missing. Although Tracey is thought to have been murdered, the exact cause of death is unknown because her body has never been located.

Who Killed Tracey Tetso

Who Killed Tracey Tetso and Why?

When one of the detectives working the case noticed that Tracey Gardner-Tetso’s TransAm had only one key fob, which Tetso had allegedly provided to investigators, the case of Tracey Gardner-Tetso lingered unresolved for over five years.

The key fob was also seen being used on security footage after he abandoned Gardner’s car in a parking space off Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. The car was stolen, he subsequently stated.

Although Dennis was the main suspect in the case, there was no proof linking him to the disappearance at the time, and the investigation stalled. It was discovered that Tracey had made plans to attend the performance with a coworker she was seeing. She and Dennis had also been fighting in the days before the incident, so they knew they were having problems.

Following the disappearance, Dennis’ actions raised questions since he resisted working with the police and stayed out of the hunt for his wife. Tracey’s family members claimed that she was unhappy in her marriage and was thinking about divorcing Dennis. He refused to admit to knowing Tracey’s fate, and the investigation eventually halted.

Then, in 2009, the police reopened the investigation and discovered Tracey’s key fob was missing. According to the investigation, Tracey’s car could only be unlocked using the key fob, and parking lot surveillance footage clearly captured the man remotely locking the vehicle. Because Dennis possessed the key and gave it to the police during the early phases of the investigation, they initially thought he was the murderer.

The prosecution claimed that Dennis killed Tracey after discovering her affair with a coworker. Dennis was detained in June 2009. According to testimony from a former coworker who knew Dennis and Tracey, Dennis put a recording device on the home phone to listen to his wife’s calls. The colleague said Dennis admitted using someone else’s van to follow Tracey around covertly.

Where is Dennis Tetso Today

Where is Dennis Tetso Now? Did He Really Kill his Wife?

Tracey’s husband, Dennis Tetso, was charged with her murder and found guilty of it. Still, her body was never discovered, making this case Baltimore County’s first murder conviction without a body. Tetso insisted on being innocent all the way to the finish.

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, 18 of which were suspended. He was reportedly released a year ahead of schedule despite being eligible for parole on good behaviour in November 2022.

Dennis Tetso said, “I have nothing to say. I didn’t commit a crime. I have no idea where she (Tracey) is, and I will take it to my grave.”

Scott Shellenberger, the state’s attorney for Baltimore County, stated that he was certain that Tracey was dead and that Dennis Tetso was the person responsible.

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