We Own This City: Where Is Sean Suiter’s Wife Today?

Where Is Sean Suiter’s Wife Now

Where Is Sean Suiter’s Wife now? Let’s find her. More than five years have passed since Baltimore Police Detective Sean Suiter died in the line of duty, and many still wonder what happened that day.

We Own This City‘ is based on Justin Fenton’s nonfiction book of the same name published in 2021. It focuses on the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force, which includes officers like Wayne Jenkins and Daniel Hersl. But it also covers the odd case of Detective Sean M. Suiter’s death and his work in the BPD’s homicide unit. Suiter’s wife appears in episode three. So viewers must be curious about her and her current location.

So, here’s what we’ve gathered!

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Sean Suiter’s Wife: Who Is She?

Detective Sean M. Suiter was a Baltimore cop. Suiter was a patrolman before being assigned to the drug investigation unit. He later donned a trenchcoat and joined the BPD’s homicide unit. Nicole Suiter was his wife. But how Sean and Nicole met is unknown. They had five kids and lived in Pennsylvania.

On November 15, 2017, Nicole learned that Sean had been injured in a work-related accident. She arrived at the hospital to find her husband dead. Sean was killed in Bennett Place while working a homicide case with his partner. Nicole was initially told her husband was hurt but fine. But she was told of his death at the hospital. As a witness for the Gun Trace Task Force, Sean Suiter’s death drew widespread media attention.

Who Is Sean Suiter’s Wife

What Happened to Sean Suiter’s Wife and Where Is She Now?

Sean’s death was investigated as a homicide. No one was arrested, and an independent investigation was ordered. Sean’s death was ruled a suicide. Nicole, however, claimed her husband was murdered. She insisted Sean had not shown any signs of suicidal intent.

Nicole recalled Sean and her joking about a video of Sean’s BPD colleagues dancing. “I will not allow anyone to smear my husband’s name and ruin his legacy with false suicide allegations,” Nicole told WMAR2 in 2018. She also claimed the cops were covering up Sean’s death.

As the only person who knew my husband, I refuse to accept his untimely death as anything other than a murder, which is being covered up for reasons unknown to me or my family. While the police ruled Sean’s death a suicide, the state’s attorney says the case is still open. Nicole also spoke about her husband’s death in the documentary ‘The Slow Hustle.’ She probably still lives in Pennsylvania with her five kids.

Sean’s family received $900,000 in workers’ compensation in 2020 for his death in the line of duty. Nicole referred to the court’s decision as a partial admission of her husband’s murder. She keeps fighting for her husband’s alleged murder.

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