Web of Lies: The Child Network – Where are Nicole and Calvin Eason Now?

Calvin and Nicole Eason
Private re-homing: Quita, middle, with Calvin and Nicole Eason - the couple her adoptive parents sent her to live with when they no longer wanted to raise the teenager from Liberia

On an online children’s re-homing forum, a mother adopts a 6-year-old. She is quickly inspired to assist in the re-homing of other children, but she is shocked to learn that two of the children may have slipped into the hands of a child abuser.

Web of Lies: The Child Network,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, digs into the risky and often illegal process of private re-homing of an adopted child. Nicole and Calvin Eason were arrested in April 2015 for using online message boards to take in children from adoptive families who didn’t want to care for them for various reasons.

So, if you’re curious about how they were eventually apprehended, we’ve got you covered.

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Calvin and Nicole Eason
Calvin and Nicole Eason

Nicole and Calvin Eason: Who Are They?

Nicole and Calvin Eason welcomed Quita, an adolescent adopted from Liberia by Todd and Melissa Puchalla, in October 2008. The Puchallas was having difficulty caring for Quita at the time, in part due to her health and behavioural issues, which made her unpredictable around their children.

There were no child welfare officers or other authorities involved in the procedure. Nicole and Calvin’s guardianship was only established after the Puchallas signed a notarized paper. They brought the child from Wisconsin to a trailer park in Westville, Illinois, where the Easons lived.

But, not long after, things started to go wrong. Quita was not sent to school, so the Easons packed their belongings and left her behind. The authorities ultimately got involved and tracked them down to Nicole’s mother’s house in New York.

By herself: Now 21, Quita lives be herself in an apartment outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is going to school

However, except from releasing Quita to her adoptive parents, the authorities did nothing at the time.

The feds investigated into the situation and discovered a worrying trend of private re-homing, particularly with Nicole and Calvin. Nicole’s biological children had been taken from her previously, with a deputy stating that the “parents had major psychiatric problems as well as aggressive inclinations.”

In addition, the Easons had previously been accused of sexually assaulting the youngsters they babysat. Later on, Quita claimed similar things and claimed she was requested to sleep on the same bed as the Easons, with Nicole naked. The adolescent went on to say that there was pornography in the residence.

The Easons were active on an online adoption discussion board in 2006 and 2007, according to the police’ research. In 2007, they contacted the adoptive parents of a youngster and said that a social worker had checked out their home and “verified” their background.

As a result, the parents drove the youngster over state lines to the Easons, who eventually abused the child sexually and physically. They did something similar in 2008 when they kidnapped another juvenile, who eventually accused them of sexual misconduct.

Where Are Nicole and Calvin Eason
Mother of the year: Nicole Eason says she’s a ‘little mean’ when parenting, threatening to ‘throw a knife at your a**’

Where Are Nicole Eason and Calvin Eason Now?

According to a previous Reuters investigation, the Easons had taken in at least six children while lying about their identities throughout the years. Private re-homing was also favoured by many adoptive parents because it was less expensive than legal adoption and was a simpler process overall.

Calvin admitted to two counts of kidnapping and one count of transportation with the intent to engage in criminal sexual behaviour with a juvenile in November 2015.

Nicole was convicted guilty of the precise counts by a federal jury more than a month later. Nicole, 37, and Calvin, 47, were sentenced to forty years in prison in June 2016. They were also sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release.

Nicole is still detained at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell, in Fort Worth, Texas, according to prison records. Calvin, on the other hand, is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. Both will be released in 2049.

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