The Contractor (2022) Action Movie Review and Ending Explained

The Contractor (2022) Action Movie Review and Ending Explained

A special forces sergeant is involuntarily discharged from the Army and obtains a contract with a private underground military group. When his first deployment goes awry, the elite soldier finds himself on the run, caught up in a complex plot, and battling to stay alive long enough to return home and discover the true motivations of those who betrayed him.

  • Release date: Friday, April 1
  • Cast: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Gillian Jacobs, Eddie Marsan, Kiefer Sutherland
  • Director: Tarik Saleh
  • Screenwriter: J.P Davis
  • Rated R, 1 hour 43 minutes

The Contractor‘ (2022) is an action thriller film about Special Forces Sergeant James Harper (Chris Pine), who is honourably dismissed from the military but not willingly. He is heavily recruited by the private sector due to his stellar record.

He eventually decides to work for the same company where his friend Mike (Ben Foster) works. Rusty Jennings (Kiefer Sutherland), James’ new boss, seems to say all the right things. However, things quickly deteriorate during James’ first operation with the business in Berlin, and he is forced to flee.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Contractor’s’ (2022) movie.

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The Contractor (2022) Action Movie Review

Synopsis of the Plot of ‘The Contractor’ Movie

James is a lifetime soldier with little experience outside of the military. Before him, his father had served in the military. Years of combat and pain had transformed the guy irreversibly. He was violent towards James, leaving scars that had yet to heal. James is adamant that he would never become his father, but the years of struggle and misery are beginning to wear him down.

Brianne (Gillian Jacobs), his wife, is concerned about him. She is dealing with her own emotional troubles. They are a family of military personnel. All of their buddies and their families are military. Brianne has become traumatised by the loss of so many friends over the years.

James has served in the military for the past five years and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. To treat his knee problem, he takes a cocktail of medications, which leads to his discharge. James’ new commanding officer informs him brusquely that his most recent drug test result has come out “filthy.”

Even if James receives an honourable discharge, it is not his choice. He also loses his pension and health insurance. James and his family were already drowning in debt and other financial problems. They’ve been almost buried as a result of these new advances. James, on the other hand, still has a few possibilities.

The private sector begins calling him immediately after his discharge due to his great record, but James has no desire to babysit a celebrity. As a result, he deletes all of their calls. James encounters into Mike while attending the funeral of a friend and coworker. Pine and Foster haven’t worked together since ‘Hell on High Water,’ and their chemistry is undeniable.

James and Mike have both served in the military. Mike invites James to his home, and when James arrives, he notices that Mike has done well for himself. When he discovers Mike works for a private company, he asks him to arrange up a meeting with his boss.

Rusty tells James that they do federal contract work, which is exactly what a man like James wants. He has no idea that Rusty is attempting to manipulate him. He is then dispatched to Berlin to conduct surveillance on a Harvard-educated scientist suspected of having ties to Al-Qaeda and Syria.

When Mike and the others arrive, they are given the duty of retrieving information from the lab about the scientist’s research. The cops are alerted during the operation. Rusty issues new orders, telling James and the rest of the battalion to burn everything.

Salim Mohamed Mohsin (Fares Fares), the scientist, claims that what they are working on in the lab is for the welfare of humanity. Nonetheless, James executes the commands handed to him and assures the death of the other man.

However, as they exit the facility, the cops arrive and apprehend the majority of James’ pals. He is able to conceal himself with Mike and saves his life. When James’ knee starts acting up again, he sends his pal ahead, but he soon suspects Rusty’s men of murdering Mike.

The event at the lab turns into an international disaster, especially because numerous police officers are killed, causing James to flee Germany and his old colleagues.

The Contractor (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Is Mike Dead at the End of ‘The Contractor’ Movie?

When he returns to the United States, he goes to Mike’s wife to inform her what has happened and discovers that his friend is still alive. He approaches Mike afterwards and discovers that the latter was informed that he had died.

However, he was aware of the mission’s actuality. Salim had indeed produced a vaccine for the H5N1 virus, he knew. Their clients seek to release the sickness in order to profit billions by monopolising the remedy. Mike eventually accepts to accompany James on his mission to assassinate Rusty.

Mike is fatally wounded in the ensuing gunfight. Before departing in a car with Mike, James kills Rusty. After Mike dies, James sets fire to the truck and flees, obliterating any evidence of his presence.

The Contractor (2022) Action Movie Explained

Is James Together with his Family at the End of the Movie?

James does, in fact, reconcile with his family. In the final scene, James stands back and observes his family. It appears that the $50,000 he received before to starting the job was well spent. The audience is led to believe that James will not inform his family of his presence and will leave.

However, as the camera focuses on his son Jack in the closing shot, James shouts out to him. He’s probably realised that there are people out there who know what he’s done, and they might come for him. He has exposed his family to danger by contacting them. All members of the Harper family will have to go into hiding as a result of this.

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