What Happened To Jody Herring And Where Is She Now?

Where Is Jody Herring Now

Authorities had no information of the three previous victims when Jody Herring gunned down social worker Lara Sobel outside the Department for Children and Families in Barre, Vermont.

Rhonda and Regina Herring, as well as Jody’s aunt Julie Falzarano, were subsequently discovered dead in their Berlin, Vermont, home.

Deadly Women: The Blame Game,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, analyses all four killings and demonstrates how a remorseless deed fuelled by rage tore a loving family apart.

If this case piques your curiosity and you’re curious about Jody Herring’s current whereabouts, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Is Jody Herring

Jody Herring: Who Is She?

Jody was presented as a troubled lady who had nearly lost herself to drug and alcohol abuse on the show. Jody’s life was turned upside down by substance misuse, which put an end to all she had planned.

She was on a big downhill spiral following a bad breakup, according to the episode, and even attempted suicide at one point.

Despite the fact that she had individuals to support and assist her, her health and well-being were becoming increasingly concerned.

Moreover, as a mother, Jody’s actions exposed her children to neglect and a less-than-ideal childhood.

Concerned for the children, Jody’s relatives contacted the Department for Children and Families to report her and protect the children, according to the episode.

Jody lost custody of her children after the DCF completed their investigation. This looked to be the final straw for Jody, who couldn’t stand being separated from her children, especially her 9-year-old, whose life was already spiralling out of control.

Jody went out to get retribution after learning that her cousins Rhonda and Regina Herring, as well as her aunt Julie Falzarano, were to blame.

Although the bodies of Rhonda, Regina, and Julie were later discovered, officials believe they perished on the same day Jody murdered social worker Lara Sobel.

Lara Sobel With Family
Jody Herring shot and killed social worker Lara Sobel, 48, with a hunting rifle. She is seen with her two daughters and husband

Lara, who was working on Jody’s children’s case, was singled out as the one who took her children away.

As a result, on August 7, 2015, Jody killed Rhonda, Regina, and Julie in their Berlin home before driving down to Lara’s employment in downtown Barre, armed with a shotgun.

During her walk from the Department for Children and Families to her car, Lara was shot and killed by a gunman.

Tiffany Herring-Flint, another of Jody’s cousins, found the triple murder in Berlin the next day and quickly notified the police, who had already taken Jody into jail.

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Where Is Jody Herring These Days

What Has Happened to Jody Herring And Where Is She Now?

Tiffany was sure of her cousin’s involvement in the murders because she knew Jody blamed the 3 deceased for splitting her from her children, according to the show.

Moreover, Tiffany stated in court that she overheard Jody Herring yelling expletives and making death threats at one of the victims just before he murdered them in cold blood.

Furthermore, because Jody had a strong motive for murder, authorities were able to link all four slayings to her, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Jody entered a plea agreement in court, admitting to three second-degree murders and the first-degree murder of Lara Sobel.

Her second-degree murder pleas resulted in three 20-year to life sentences in 2017, while her first-degree murder conviction resulted in a life term without the possibility of release.

Jody even attempted but failed, to have her sentence overturned. Despite the fact that Jody’s current jail records indicate her as being “out of state” and that she is not on parole, we can reasonably infer she is still incarcerated in a US prison.