Where Is Misook Nowlin Now In Her Mother-In-Law Murder?

Where Is Misook Nowlin Now

On September 5, 2011, Larry Tyda reported his wife, Linda Tyda, missing, and the police assumed it was a routine missing person case.

However, events quickly pointed to something considerably more sinister, and concrete evidence of homicide led the authorities to Linda’s daughter-in-law, Misook Wang (Nowlin).

Deadly Women: Broken Ties,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the terrible incident and how the subsequent investigation focused on Misook.

If you’re curious about this case and want to know where Misook is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Is Misook Nowlin

Who Is Misook Nowlin And What is Her Background?

According to the Investigation Discovery show, Misook Nowlin grew raised in South Korea and had a difficult childhood.

She met and befriended Andy Nowlin, a US Army soldier stationed in South Korea. Misook followed her lover back to the United States in 1988 after they quickly became friends.

After settling in the United States, the two married and had a daughter, but their relationship quickly fell apart.

For starters, Andy was unable to meet Misook’s financial needs. Furthermore, according to the show, Misook began engaged in infidelity, which resulted in a divorce.

Misook then went on to work as a translator, where she met Don Wang. For the two, sparks sparked almost quickly, and they began bonding over shared interests. Misook moved in with the Wang family after the couple exchanged wedding vows in 2003.

Misook got along well with her new family at first, but everything fell apart when Linda, Misook’s mother-in-law, went missing on September 5, 2011.

Authorities discovered that on the day of her disappearance, Linda had gone out to see a potential client in Bloomington, Illinois, thanks to their investigation.

Law enforcement officers, on the other hand, appeared to have come to a halt because they couldn’t figure out who the potential client was.

Nonetheless, the episode stated that seven days later, a waitress from a nearby restaurant approached the police and told them that she had overheard someone setting an appointment with Linda the day before she vanished.

The customer was identified as Misook using CCTV footage, and the police even watched her meeting Linda on the day of the disappearance.

Before getting into their own automobiles and travelling to Misook’s sewing shop, the two women appeared to have a spat.

Investigators searched Misook’s business right away and found Linda’s identity and credit cards, which were shredded and thrown away in a garbage can. The police subsequently hauled Misook in for questioning with concrete proof, and he broke down and confessed to killing Linda.

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Where Is Misook Nowlin Now

What Has Happened to Misook Nowlin?

Misook believed Linda was causing troubles in her marriage, according to the episode. She, on the other hand, believed Don was having an affair with Linda’s assistant and claimed Linda did nothing about it despite having knowledge of the affair.

When the two women discussed their problems, they got into a fight, and Misook claimed she killed Linda in self-defence.

Misook pleaded not guilty at his trial but was found guilty of murder and concealment of a crime. In 2013, she was sentenced to 50 years in jail for murder, plus an additional five years for the other accusation.

What Has Happened to Misook Nowlin

She even led officers to the location where Linda’s ashes were buried so that her family could perform the last rites. Misook has attempted unsuccessfully to overturn her conviction since her conviction.

Furthermore, Misook drew special attention in 2021 when convicted murderer Barton McNeil maintained his innocence, claiming that his daughter, Christina McNeil, was murdered in 1998 by his then-girlfriend Misook Wang.

Misook is detained at the Logan Correctional Center in Logan County, Illinois, and will be eligible for parole in 2064, despite Barton’s allegation not being proven in court.

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