What If (2023) Ending Explained: A Deep Dive into the Film’s Conclusion

What If ending explained

What If Ending Explained – In 2023, Netflix introduced audiences to the Filipino romantic drama “What If.” This unique film revolves around the love story of newlyweds Jose Emilio Cruz (Jecs) and Billie Neri, both talented musicians. As the plot unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey of love, conflict, and introspection. In this article, we will delve into the movie’s captivating plot summary, explore the complexities of its ending, and answer the burning question: do Billie and Jecs find their way back to each other in the end?

What If Movie Plot Summary

What If” begins with the picturesque backdrop of a honeymoon on the idyllic island of Panglao. Jecs and Billie, played by two talented actors, embark on this romantic getaway as a recently married couple, hoping to bask in the joy of their newfound union. The film opens with a glimpse of their shared passion for music, which brought them together in the first place. Billie’s musical talent enchanted Jecs, and soon, their creative collaboration began, composing beautiful music that mirrored the harmony of their love.

Their relationship seemed like a dream come true. They decided to take the next step and tie the knot, believing that their love could conquer any obstacle. However, it was during their honeymoon that reality began to creep in, revealing the existence of deep-seated differences that had long gone unaddressed.

What Caused Conflict Between Jecs And Billie?

In “What If,” one of the central conflicts revolves around Billie’s health condition. From the moment Jecs expressed his desire to have children, Billie was open about her struggle with premature ovarian failure, making pregnancy a challenging prospect for her. Despite the limited treatment options and Billie’s clear decision not to have children, Jecs was adamant about exploring alternatives. Instead of offering comfort and understanding, he persisted in discussing treatment possibilities despite the emotional toll it took on Billie.

Billie’s stance was clear: she didn’t want to impose her decision on Jecs, leaving the door open for him to reconsider their marriage if having children was a non-negotiable for him. Jecs, deeply in love with Billie, was reluctant to part ways over this difference. Their wedding proceeded, but happiness soon turned to turmoil when Jecs’ mother suggested a remedy for Billie’s condition. Billie felt further undermined, as Jecs never stood up for her or defended her against the pressure to conceive. This strain on their relationship grew, casting a shadow over their honeymoon in paradise.

How Did Billie’s Childhood Affect Their Relationship?

The film also sheds light on Billie’s tumultuous childhood. Raised by a famous musician father, Enrico Neri, she experienced emotional and physical abuse. Billie’s decision to leave the condo her father had provided was symbolic, signifying her determination to assert her independence and escape the shadow of his influence. Her traumatic upbringing left her scarred, making her apprehensive about becoming a parent herself. The memories of her father’s abuse haunted her, creating doubts about her ability to love and nurture a child.

As Billie’s marriage to Jecs started to unravel, she grappled with feelings of inadequacy and guilt for being unable to conceive. Jecs, unfortunately, failed to provide the support and understanding that Billie desperately needed during this challenging time.

What If (2023) summary

‘What If’ Movie Ending Explained

As the film progresses, the tension between Billie and Jecs escalates. A significant source of conflict arises when Billie notices another artist named Sunshine showing a particular interest in Jecs’ social media posts. This piques her curiosity and raises doubts about their past connection. When Billie learns of Sunshine’s admission to a past intimate relationship with a fellow artist, her suspicions intensify.

Jecs’ initial denial of any involvement with Sunshine only fuels Billie’s jealousy. It isn’t until an inebriated Jecs confesses to the prior intimacy with Sunshine that the truth is revealed. However, his confession comes too late, and Billie decides to leave the island, convinced that their marriage is beyond repair.

Billie’s departure is short-lived, though, as she receives news of Jecs’ mother’s passing shortly after setting sail. She returns to the island to console her grieving husband, showing a glimmer of hope for their fractured relationship.

Do Billie And Jecs Get Together In The End?

“What If” concludes with a bittersweet note, leaving audiences with a sense of ambiguity regarding the future of Billie and Jecs’ relationship. While they choose to put their differences aside and be there for each other in the present, the inherent disparities in their personalities and aspirations linger as potential obstacles.

Jecs thrives on interacting with his online fan base, craving the attention and adulation of his followers, while Billie cherishes a quiet life away from the scrutinizing eyes of the public. Jecs yearns to become a parent, while Billie has firmly decided against having children due to her medical condition. Jecs’ persistence in pressuring Billie to undergo uncertain medical treatments further erodes her confidence.

In the end, while they may be together in the moment, the outlook for their long-term happiness appears uncertain. Their fundamental differences in values and priorities remain, posing significant challenges to the sustainability of their relationship. Additionally, Billie herself bears emotional scars from her traumatic childhood, making her journey to self-confidence and healing an essential aspect of their future.

In a world where compatibility and understanding are paramount for a lasting relationship, Billie and Jecs face an uphill battle. “What If” offers a poignant reflection on the complexities of love and the uncertainties that can arise in even the most passionate of unions.

What If Movie’s Thought-Provoking Themes

Beyond its central narrative of love and conflict, “What If” touches on several thought-provoking themes. One of these themes is the impact of past traumas on our present relationships. Billie’s painful childhood experiences continue to shape her life and choices, impacting her capacity to trust and love fully. This theme underscores the importance of healing and self-acceptance before embarking on new journeys of love and commitment.

Another compelling theme explored in the film is the significance of communication in a relationship. Billie and Jecs’ inability to have open and honest conversations about their desires, fears, and concerns becomes a significant barrier to their happiness. “What If” reminds us that effective communication is the bedrock of a healthy and lasting partnership.

Moreover, the film encourages us to reflect on the importance of respecting individual choices and autonomy within a relationship. Billie’s unwavering stance on not having children is met with Jecs’ persistence, highlighting the need for mutual respect and understanding when facing significant life decisions.


In conclusion, “What If” offers a poignant and introspective exploration of love, conflict, and the intricate dynamics of a relationship. The film’s ending, while bittersweet, leaves room for hope as Billie and Jecs choose to be there for each other despite their differences.

“What If” also addresses the lasting impact of past traumas on our present selves, the vital role of effective communication in a relationship, and the significance of respecting individual choices within a partnership. As viewers, we are reminded that love is a complex and evolving journey, often fraught with challenges and uncertainties, but it is through understanding, empathy, and healing that the path to a lasting bond becomes possible.

In the end, “What If” invites us to ponder the beautiful complexities of love and the resilience of the human heart when faced with adversity. It serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the face of doubt and conflict, there is always the possibility of finding our way back to the ones we hold dear.

What If Ending Explained : A captivating exploration of love, conflict, and the complexities of relationships in the “What If.” Dive into the movie’s plot summary, dissect the intricacies of its ending, and discover whether Billie and Jecs find their way back to each other in the end. Explore themes of past traumas, communication, and individual choices, all while reflecting on the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

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