Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist – Where is Beto De la Torre’s Wife Alicia Di Tullio Today?

Beto De la Torre’s Wife Alicia Di Tullio Now

Where is Beto De la Torre’s Wife Alicia Di Tullio Now? – The latest true crime documentary on Netflix, “Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist, tells the tale of Argentina’s most well-known bank robbery. Through exclusive interviews, we learn more about the specifics of how and why they handled the situation.

You must hear and see this story to believe it since there is so much drama and depth in it. I adore how the opening of the documentary asks, “Why did you rob a bank?” I became engrossed and invested right away. This documentary raises questions about ethics and morals by arguing that while we should all possess the same values, this is obviously not the case.

The one thing no one anticipated was a senior thieving crew member’s wife turning out to be their unavoidable doom, so let’s learn everything there is to know about Alicia Di Tullio, shall we?

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Beto De la Torre
Beto De la Torre

Who Is Alicia Di Tullio and What Did She Do?

At the time of the historic Argentinian coup, Alicia Di Tullio was Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre’s (or The Thug’s) wife. She knew the entire affair long before it was really carried out. That’s because, according to the documentary, she had not only seen most of the squad when they were working on the getaway car in the couple’s family garage, but she had also briefly met them. On January 13, she apparently even joined her husband in a celebration after he triumphantly came home with money, only for events to quickly spiral out of control from all directions.

Beto noticed that his earnings had significantly decreased one day, but the story ended as soon as Alicia admitted to taking five or six stacks (worth around $300,000) from his bag. However, the production claims that they got into a heated dispute a few days after she grabbed additional money from his drawer, prompting him to move the remaining cash to a different location for safekeeping.

The family matriarch, the mother of their young boy, and the stepmother of his other (older) son from a prior relationship, allegedly called the local police at that point, according to the veteran thief.

Beto has always said he doesn’t even have another woman in his life, but Alicia’s story claims he was going to travel to Paraguay with the wealth and his girlfriend. In the Netflix version, he adds, “I wasn’t going anywhere without my wife and my sons anyway. I suppose she had other ideas. She valued her money more than her family, I suppose, so.” Beto’s story was supported by the later admission by fellow crew member Luis Mario Vitette that he had been informed that everyone had to pay Alicia $300,000 for her silence. However, none of this can be conclusively proven.

Where is Alicia Di Tullio Now

What Happened to Alicia Di Tullio and Where Is She Now?

Alicia has presumably just gone on with her life because she hasn’t talked about her ex-husband or her part in the group’s arrest back in 2006 in public. She still remains in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina, where a large community supports her, but her interests may have changed recently. She actually wants to keep her personal and professional experiences out of the public eye.

It’s important to note that Beto once admitted to Infobae that “[Alicia] extorted me because she wanted money. After that, we fought hard and she reported me… But worst of all, she forbade me to see my son. I am very sorry I met her. That she entered my life. To make matters worse, she filled the head of Gastón, my other son. All to turn him against me and keep everything.”

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