Iron Chef: Brazil – Where Is Chef Rafael Gomes Today?

Where Is Chef Rafael Gomes From Iron Chef Brazil Now

Where is “Iron Chef: Brazil” Finalist Chef Rafael Gomes Now? – On August 10, 2022, Netflix began streaming the first season of the reality series Iron Chef: Brazil.

The reality TV game show, Iron Chef: Brazil is now available on Netflix, and it features up-and-coming cooks competing to be crowned the Iron Legend by overcoming the most challenging trials of their lives. Fernanda Souza and Andressa Cabral serve as the competition’s hosts, and Rosa Moraes, Laurent Suaudeau, and a special guest assess the food in each episode.

Rafael Gomes was introduced in season one of “Iron Chef: Brazil” as one of the competitors prepared to compete for the Iron Chef trophy, which excited viewers quite a bit. Rafael is well renowned for being an expert in French cuisine, but he also became well-known in the nation after winning season three of “MasterChef Profissionais.” 

So if you are a big fan of Rafael Gomes and want to know where he is now and what he is doing these days, keep reading to learn.

Chef Rafael Gomes’ Iron Chef Brazil Journey

Journey of Rafael Gomes on “Iron Chef: Brazil” Show

Chef Rafael Gomes, a well-known figure in the Brazilian culinary world, started his career in the United States before moving his empire to France, where he opened his own restaurant. In Episode 4 of “Iron Chef: Brazil,” Rafael was given a chance to prove his mettle against Iron Chef Giovanna Grossi, who is also well-known for serving as one of the judges for the biennial Bocuse d’Or global chef competition. Interestingly, both cooks were given the same ingredient—mushrooms—and instructed to show the judges their best creations.

Watching Rafael operate in the kitchen was jaw-dropping since he had everything under control. His extraordinary talent and command of the recipes became apparent when he started producing one excellent dish after another, challenging the more seasoned Iron Chef.

Rafael had the advantage because the judges were enamoured with his presentation, style, and flavor, even though Chef Giovanna gave it her all and created quite a few amazing dishes as well. Rafael ultimately earned 90 points to win the task, so he was chosen to compete against five other Iron Chefs in the season finale.

Rafael faced out against five of the most prominent figures in Brazilian cuisine in the final challenge, which was enormous, but he never wavered from it. The challenger and his helpers gave it their all, producing some exquisite meals that the judges universally commended. Rafael eventually conceded defeat after receiving just 93 points, as opposed to the Iron Chefs’ 95, because the challenge proved to be too difficult.

Where is Chef Rafael Gomes Now and What Is He Doing These Days?

Chef Rafael Gomes currently flies back and forth between his businesses in Paris and Brazil while spreading his culinary empire across two continents. Rafael began his culinary career in the United States, but he quickly moved to France and started working at the Colagreco, Le Mirazur restaurant in Menton. Before opening his own restaurant, Itacoa, he first established and rose to head chef position at the Grand Coeur restaurant in Paris.

Rafael currently owns and runs two Itacoa locations—one each in Paris and Rio—and the Porquinho, a Rio restaurant specialising in pork. Additionally, he has plans to open Tiara, his fourth restaurant, which will ostensibly offer a great dining experience. Rafael, on the other hand, appears to be in a love relationship with his partner, Fernanda Rubatino, and has built up a home surrounded by friends and family. This suggests that Rafael is likewise content in his personal life.

Sincerely, it is nice to see Rafael continue to succeed, and we want to wish him the best in the years to come.

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