Jackie Vandagriff Murder: Where is Caitlin Mathis Now?

Where is Caitlin Mathis today

Where is Caitlin Mathis Today? – The 2016 murder of 24-year-old Jacqueline “Jackie” Vandagriff in Texas is documented in the CBS News documentary “48 Hours” episode titled “The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff,” which sent shockwaves through the entire community. After meeting on September 13 at Denton’s Fry Street Public House, a campus bar, Jackie and Charles Bryant shared an intimate evening together. But Jackie was unaware that his actions would soon become lethal. Charles Bryant allegedly chose to damage his ex-girlfriend Caitlin Mathis because he could not deal with her rejection.

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Who Is Caitlin Mathis

Who is Caitlin Mathis?

Caitlin Mathis, then 18 years old, met Charles Dean Bryant, a personal trainer, and bartender, in June 2016 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grapevine, Texas, where they were both working as servers. She began dating him although he was eleven years older than her, because his charisma and wit captivated her. Caitlin dated a narcissist and control freak for a few weeks before she was able to see through his friendly façade. She stated on ’48 Hours’ that he always had to know where she was. He required my complete focus.

Caitlin ended her relationship with him before starting her sophomore year at the University of North Texas in Denton. Charles Bryant refused or was unable to release her, and the situation deteriorated rapidly as a result. The following day, he returned to her residence, and she was so terrified that she contacted campus police. On the date that would have marked three months of dating, he returned to her home with a bouquet of flowers and a lengthy letter.

Caitlin called 911 and had Charles Bryant arrested because she genuinely feared for her safety. She took the extreme step of obtaining a restraining order against him, which he then violated, leading to his arrest on September 18, 2016. The truth that he had slain Jackie Vandagriff, a lady who looked a lot like Caitlin, after meeting her on September 13 after posting bond, eventually came to light.

Where is Caitlin Mathis Now

Where is Caitlin Mathis Today?

Caitlin hadn’t seen Charles Bryant since the day she got him arrested, although she did see him in 2018 when he went to court to testify against him in his murder trial. There, she revealed that she had ended her relationship with him via a text message out of concern for his reaction and had subsequently gotten him expelled from school due to the incidents.

After the murder indictment against him, the stalking and harassment charges were dropped, and Caitlin stated, “He certainly wanted me to drop the charges so he could leave.” However, the judge determined that this testimony was not pertinent to the pending murder case and excluded it. Caitlin moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, after completing her degree at UNT, where she now works as an administrative assistant and Account Representative for Righter Insurance.

And now, she is sharing her story with the world in the hopes that it will comfort and inspire others going through similar circumstances. Caitlin has not yet completely let go of her regret for failing to warn Jackie, a person she did not know well, about Charles Bryant in time. Caitlin, a guest on “48 Hours,” stated, “When I reflect on it now, I realize how lucky I am to be alive.” If I could help just one person, my efforts would have been worthwhile.

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