Chefs vs. Wild: Where is Chef Viet Pham Now?

Where is Chef Viet Pham Now

Chefs vs. Wild: Where is Chef Viet Pham Now? – On Monday, September 26 at 12:01 a.m. ET, Chefs vs. Wild season 1 will premiere on Hulu. It will feature chefs competing against one another in a “wilderness kitchen.”

Season 1 of Chefs vs. Wild will be hosted and judged by renowned chef and explorer Kiran Jethwa and feature Valerie Segrest, an authority on wild delicacies.

Monday’s “Chefs vs. Wild” episode will have chefs working with Survivalists to find the ideal wild ingredients. In the outdoor kitchen, the chefs will demonstrate their culinary prowess by “using their foraged ingredients and resourcefulness to make delectable dishes and, eventually, impress the judges.”

Each episode of the program, which Kiran Jethwa hosts, focuses on two brilliant chefs who are given a constrained time to find ingredients in the wild with the assistance of their foraging companions. Each chef is required to prepare a three-course meal utilizing the meat provided when the foraging days are done, using the items they found while out in the wild. The chef who makes the best use of the available ingredients is declared the winner.

When the first season of the famous show had just been published, audience interest grew rapidly. The chefs that were featured in the series were also able to become famous because of their appearance on the program. One such chef is Viet Pham, whose abilities and tenacity earned him a lot of admiration from the audience. You undoubtedly want to know what Viet has been doing lately; fortunately, we have the answers!

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Viet Pham’s Chefs vs. Wild Journey

“Chefs vs. Wild” Journey of Viet Pham

Chefs vs. Wild’s inaugural season’s very first episode featured a cameo from Viet Pham. Viet Nam decided to leave the fine dining profession after investing years in it in favor of a simpler way of living. Viet was well-known before appearing on the Hulu program for twice defeating Iron Chef Bobby Flay in “Iron Chef America.” Viet had to survive in the Canadian coastal British Columbia forests for the television show “Chefs vs. Wild.” Viet and David, his foraging partner, had 48 hours to scour the wilderness for edible gems that would aid the chef in preparing a 3-course dinner for a 5-star restaurant.

There were highs and lows during Viet and David’s foraging expedition. The two quickly located Pine needles and Plaintain seeds, which Viet believed would be ideal for his supper, inside the first few hours. The two quickly discovered huckleberries, which were in season at the moment, much to Viet’s joy. Their wilderness camping experience did take a turn for the worst when an ember from their fire set a neighboring moss patch on fire and substantially damaged their shelter. Viet and David had to use their water to put out the fire.

Viet was adamant that his fatigue would not impact his travel the next day. Given his proximity to the ocean, Viet traveled to the coast with David at low tide. As it happened, the two were fortunate to find many oysters in a tide pool. Even some seawater was bottle-stamped by Viet for use in frying his oysters. They eventually discovered Chicken of the Woods, a mushroom resembling chicken and other meat types.

David served as Viet’s sous-chef while cooking for Sammy Monsour, his opponent. The challenge required the chefs to prepare their dinner in Kiran’s Wilderness Kitchen in 4 hours using Elk Heart and Sirloin. Kiran Jethwa and Valerie Segrest were awed by the exquisite lunch that was prepared using the ingredients that had been gathered.

As a tribute to Viet’s company, the appetizer was a chicken of the woods mushroom prepared in the style of Nashville hot chicken. Seared Elk Loin with Forest Chimichurri was a delectable starter served by Viet, and for dessert, he served Pine Corn Flour Cake with Huckleberry Whipped Cream. Viet was crowned the winner of the cook-off challenge as a result of his skillful usage of ingredients.

Where is Viet Pham Today?

As of this writing, Viet appears to be succeeding in both his personal and professional lives. He is wed to Alexis Furkioti Pham, and they are content with their union. Theo, the couple’s lovely orange cat, is owned by the pair. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Viet and Alexis co-founded Pretty Bird Hot Chicken. The restaurant takes pride in its mouthwatering Nashville-style hot chicken. His performance during “Chefs vs. Wild” demonstrated his passion for his business and food.

Since its inception, Pretty Bird Hot Chicken has grown and has two locations in Salt Lake City and one in Park City, Utah. In addition to its other three locations, the company also has a store in Midvale, Utah, which provides catering services. Sundays are a day of rest for the Downtown Salt Lake City branch, although all three other locations are open. We pray for the best for Viet and his family and that they have a good future ahead of them.