Camp Scout Murders: Where is Doris Milner’s Mom Bettye Milner Now?

Where is Doris Milner’s Mom Bettye Milner Now

Where is Doris Milner’s Mom Bettye Milner Now? – Where is Bettye Milner Today? Let’s find out her whereabouts? – ‘Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders is a four-part Hulu documentary about the murders of Doris Milner, Lori Farmer, and Michele Guse at a Girl Scout camp in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

The incident in 1977 made national news, prompting officials to scour the country for the suspect, Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart. Bettye, Doris’ mother, appears in the docuseries and relates her suffering after learning what had happened to her daughter. So, if you’re curious about her current location, here’s what we know!

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Doris Milner
Doris Milner

Bettye Milner, Who is She?

Bettye’s eldest daughter was Doris Denise Milner. The 10-year-old was regarded as a bright pupil who was already enrolled in a talented school. Doris sold enough Girl Scout cookies at the time to cover the cost of the two-week camp. She was hesitant to go when her pals cancelled at the last minute, but she eventually chose to go alone.

Doris, on the other hand, was looking forward to making new acquaintances. Doris, Lori, and Michele, however, were molested and brutally killed in the early hours of June 13, 1977. In addition to being beaten in the head, the 10-year-old was strangled to death. Given his criminal history, the authorities identified Sonny as the prime suspect.

He had also been eluding the cops after escaping from prison. Sonny, on the other hand, was found not guilty of the murders, much to the disappointment of the victims’ families. Bettye commented about how the OJ Simpson trial and its happenings reminded her of Sonny’s situation many years later.

“I remembered what had occurred to us, how the people cheered,” she continued. They didn’t seem to care about what transpired at Locust Grove since all they worried about was Hart getting away.” Bettye had trouble coming to terms with what had happened over the years.

“Everyone reacts to grief differently, and we tend to think there’s something wrong with the way we feel,” Bettye stated in 1997. We can talk about the person we’ve lost if we can talk to and be with those who are going through the same thing we are. It’s difficult to speak with family and friends because they don’t want to hear.” Doris’ friends, she continued, were extremely supportive during those times, frequently visiting her and spending time with her.

Where is Doris Milner’s Mom Bettye Milner today
Doris Milner’s Mother Bettye Milner

What Happened to Bettye Milner and Where Is She Now?

Bettye Milner, the granddaughter of a Baptist minister, claimed that faith was crucial in her coping with Doris’ death. She hadn’t paid a visit to her daughter’s cemetery until 2016, with the help and encouragement of family and friends. Bettye was initially opposed to having grandkids because of what happened to Doris, but that has since changed.

She is currently savouring every chance to spend quality time with her grandchildren and two daughters, Kathy and Kristal. Bettye is now retired after working at a hospital and a retail store. To be closer to her daughters, she relocated to Mansfield, Texas, and currently resides in a senior citizen residence there.

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