Where Is Greg Kleven Now After Leaving ‘Big Timber’? Why Did He Leave Big Timber?

Why Did Greg Kleven Leave Big Timber

Where Is Greg Kleven Now After Leaving ‘Big Timber’? Why Did Greg Kleven Leave Big Timber? – A Vancouver Island wood company is the subject of the reality television program “Big Timber.” The first season, which was primarily shot between September 2019 and January 2020, premiered on the Canadian History channel on October 8, 2020.

A sawmill in Sooke serves as the primary location for the limited firm, Wenstob Timber Resources. With the help of his son Erik, Sarah Fleming, and business partner Kevin Wenstob, the company is run as a family enterprise. A barge, a bulldozer, six excavators, eight forklifts, five log loaders, ten logging trucks, a tower yarder, and three-wheel loaders are among the equipment on hand.

One of the sneakiest reality show successes to move from network TV to Netflix in a while is “Big Timber.” Despite a positive initial reception on the streaming platform, the show’s visibility and popularity are, at best scant. Although the lumber company in the show has its own Facebook and Instagram profiles, its social media presence is hardly noticeable elsewhere.

Greg Kleven was first presented as the lone operator of the Yarder in Season 1. Fans were therefore taken aback when he made the decision to depart the business near the end of the season. Let’s delve in and discover Greg’s reason for leaving “Big Timber,” shall we?

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Where Is Greg Kleven Now After Leaving 'Big Timber'

Who is Greg Kleven and Why Did He Leave Big Timber?

Greg Kleven, a long-time crew member and close friend of Kevin Wenstob, was the sole employee of Wenstob Timber, who was in charge of managing and operating the Yarder. The Yarder is a crucial piece of logging machinery that moves big, heavy logs from the forest to the collection location, where they are examined and sold using a sophisticated system of ropes and pulleys. Kevin noted during the presentation that each log is evaluated and priced based on its condition.

Therefore, a wooden log that has been beaten up and has several marks on it will sell for less money than one that is in pristine shape. The Yarder Operator must therefore have the technical know-how to do so without making a single mistake because they are ultimately in charge of the condition of the logs when they are hauled from the forest floor.

Even though Greg did a fantastic job operating the yarder, he finally lost out to Kevin in terms of expertise when Kevin bought a grapple yarder, which would triple production. Kevin and Sarah said that their business had to boost production in order to keep up with the high demand and short deadlines. Therefore, Grapple Yarder’s introduction was a crucial milestone in enabling Kevin to haul many logs quickly.

Greg Kleven, unfortunately, was unable to adapt to the new equipment and even wound up ruining a number of logs, which cost Kevin a sizable sum of money. Given that Greg was friends with Kevin, the mill owner even gave Greg a chance, but he soon understood that Greg needed to be replaced if the company was to succeed. Greg thus bid farewell to the logging business and was temporarily replaced by skilled Grapple Yarder operator Steve Malloch.

Greg Kleven
Greg Kleven

Greg Kleven: Where Is He Now?

Regrettably, Greg has adopted privacy and seeks to live a quiet life unnoticed since leaving Wenstob Timber. In addition, he even maintains a scant online presence, and little is known about his current situation. The Canadian province of British Columbia is where Greg currently dwells, where he has built up a comfortable life surrounded by friends and family.

According to sources, he lives in British Columbia, but Spiky TV does not confirm that this information is completely true and should be treated with caution.