Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s Abuse Survivor ‘Maria Farmer’ Today?

where is Maria Farmer now

Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s Abuse Survivor ‘Maria Farmer’ Now? – Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons on Hulu is an incredible documentary series that explores the underbelly of privileged society as well a quick fashion. This documentary covers a wide range of topics, including Les Wexner’s controversial strategies for developing the lingerie brand; his peculiar, long-lasting relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and the horrifying atrocities that the latter perpetrated. And Maria Farmer, who is said to be the first survivor to report the disgraced banker to the authorities, is one of those whose testimonies have been specifically described in this three-parter.

Maria made sure to receive professional training and study all of its essential aspects as soon as she was able and capable because she had always wanted to be an artist. In fact, by the mid-1990s, the New York Academy of Art graduate had gone to a workshop at the Santa Fe Art Institute, sold many works on his own, and been hired to do two works of art for the 1997 movieAs Good As It Gets.”

The situation changed, though, when Jeffrey invited her to his guest house at Les’ property in New Albany, Ohio, pretending to just be giving her more room to work. Maria, according to her stories, thought this was a chance to be “an artist in residence” for the summer of 1996, but instead she was sexually attacked by both Jeffrey and Ghislaine Maxwell. She then claimed that she was imprisoned against her will for almost 12 hours before being freed permanently.

Since the local police had already disregarded her, she then went to the FBI. Another motivating aspect for Maria was the fact that the pair had allegedly even abused her younger, then-minor sister Annie in April 1996, but regrettably, their case wasn’t made public until 2019.

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Maria Farmer

What Happened to Maria Farmer and Where Is She Now?

After reporting the incident to the FBI, Maria fled New York, believing that her alleged attackers were surely using their social position to damage her reputation in the art world. She claimed in an affidavit dated 2019 that “Maxwell and Epstein worked together to ensure that my career and my life were damaged.” She said, “I was afraid of [them], and I moved several times to attempt to hide from them.” As a result, she remained anonymous for the next 23 years, earning a living either by selling antiques or casually trying to let her talent shine by renovating homes.

The Farmer sisters had tried to tell their tale through a Vanity Fair article in 2003, but the magazine’s decision to reject it drove them farther into their secluded existence—that is, until a diagnosis that would change their lives. “I saw all the things I didn’t get to do because I’ve been in hiding when I first discovered that I have a [rare] brain tumour.” The Daily Beast was told by Maria. “I began to picture a wedding, a child, a group of friends, and everything else I’d been missing. The paintings, gallery openings, and other events that never took place. When I became really enraged, I filed the affidavit.”

After Maria’s charges were made public in April 2019, the response prompted her sister to share her version of events, and they later became advocates. Furthermore, from what we can gather, Annie’s elder, more accomplished sibling has apparently returned to art as a figurative painter based in the southeast. In contrast, Annie is currently employed as a psychologist in Texas.

Unfortunately, Maria has also been given a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis, but because she lives by the maxim that “everything is possible,” she seems to be making an effort to live the life she now wants. Currently, you can contact her regarding her artwork via her website.

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