The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Where is Hunter Moore Now?

Where is Internet’s Most Hated Man Hunter Moore Now

The Most Hated Man on the Internet: Where is Hunter Moore Today? – “The Most Hated Man on the Internet,” a new true-crime Netflix series centered on the notorious Hunter Moore, is set to debut on July 27, 2022. The intriguing and unsettling tale of Moore’s crimes began in 2010 when the self-described “professional life-ruiner” launched, a website dedicated to revenge porn. During the brief time, it was online, Moore’s website was dedicated to publishing pornographic images, frequently without the subjects’ consent.

The new docu-series from executive producer Alex Marengo and director Rob Miller will go in-depth into Hunter Moore’s life, misdeeds, and the seedy side of the internet. He was named the “most loathed man on the internet” in a Rolling Stones piece from 2012. Yet, before it was pulled down, his website was up for 16 months.

To a certain extent, Moore knew he had the authority to violate people’s privacy. He nearly believed he’d gotten away with it, as is demonstrated in the documentary, which incorporates footage of Moore talking about his victims, his website, and how he intends to make money by “f***ing people over.”

He was a “professional life ruiner,” in his own words.

Let’s learn more about the case and his current situation now that his case has been closed permanently as a result of significant federal legal actions.

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Who Is Hunter Moore and What He Did?

Hunter Moore, a criminally guilty American from Sacramento, California, was born on March 9, 1986. He was dubbed “the most despised man on the Internet” by Rolling Stone. He founded the revenge porn website Is Anyone Up? in 2010, which allowed users to post sexually graphic images of people without their permission, frequently along with their names and addresses. When asked, he refused to remove the images. Moore compared himself to Charles Manson and referred to himself as “a professional life ruiner.”

Throughout the 16 months that the website was online, Moore repeatedly emphasized that he was shielded by the same rules that Facebook was under. Moore also paid a hacker to access the victims’ email accounts and take intimate images for posting. In 2012, the FBI opened an inquiry into Moore after obtaining information from the mother of one of the victims. In April 2012, the website was shut down and sold to an anti-bullying organization.

Moore entered a guilty plea to felony charges of aggravated identity theft and encouraging unauthorised access to a computer in February 2015. Moore was given a two-year, six-month prison term, a $2,000 fine, and restitution of $145.70 in November 2015. In May 2017, he received his prisoner release.

In 2010, Moore launched the website. Is Anyone Up? was originally intended to be a nightlife website, according to Moore. Still, after he and several pals received sexually explicit images from ladies they were, at the time, meeting up with, they decided to change it. The website included graphic images and videos of non-models that were linked to their Facebook or Twitter social networking identities.

Many of the individuals expressed displeasure at being featured on the website, claiming the pornographic images were stolen from their laptops or shared with ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and posted as retaliation. The website’s content earned the moniker “revenge porn” as a result. Moore allegedly replied to numerous cease-and-desist letters with the word “LOL” and frequently insisted that the law justified his actions.

According to Moore, the website received 30 million page views per month and generated between $8,000 and $13,000 in ad income. In response to Moore’s outspoken boasting about the website, Rolling Stone and BBC News titled Moore “the most hated man on the Internet” and “the Net’s most detested man,” respectively.

In the end, Moore was the target of multiple lawsuits and an FBI probe. A woman who had been highlighted on the website also used a pen to stab him in the shoulder. Moore sold the website to an anti-bullying organisation on April 19, 2012. He published an open letter in which he explained his choice. The mother of one of the victims on the site, Charlotte Laws, made the decision to seek Moore down. For a two-year investigation, she gathered evidence from more than 40 victims and provided it to the FBI.

Moore and a fellow hacker named Charles Evens, who used the moniker “Gary Jones,” were both suspected of offenses involving hacking in 2012. According to The Wire, “[Moore] paid Evens to hack into the victims’ email accounts and take nude images to post on the website on many occasions.” When Moore noticed that the public was starting to hear about his FBI inquiry, Moore responded with, “I’ll literally go out and buy a first-class ticket, have a delicious meal, buy a pistol in New York, and shoot everybody who mentioned my FBI investigation. I’m so upset about it. Actually, I’m angry right now.

In addition, Moore threatened to set fire to The Village Voice’s offices if they published an article regarding his FBI inquiry. They published the story despite the threat.

where is Hunter Moore today

What Happened to Hunter Moore and Where Is He Now?

Hunter’s residence in Northern California was searched on May 15, 2012, but a federal court’s official indictment against him wasn’t made public until January 23, 2014. By this time, he had managed to make money off of his online popularity and launch a career as a travelling DJ, all the while continuing to pick Twitter fights to build his brand. The hacking collective Anonymous decided to target him that same year since he had mentioned starting a more severe version of Is Anyone Up?, but nothing more significant happened until his arrest.

Hunter entered a guilty plea to one count of aggravated identity theft and one count of gaining unauthorised access to a personal computer in order to collect information for personal financial gain in February 2015. He consequently received a 30-month federal jail sentence, a $2,000 fine, and a $145.70 restitution order, as well as a permanent social media ban in November.

After being apprehended in January 2014, Hunter secured a $100,000 bond within two days; therefore, he was released on September 22, 2017, after completing his whole sentence. In 2018, he then self-published a book titled “Is Anyone Up?!: The Story of Revenge Porn,” only to ostensibly decide to leave the spotlight behind. Hunter initially agreed to participate in this Netflix original that is centered on him but later withdrew. As a result, he has not spoken publicly about his past, his famed site, or his location in more than four years.

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