Love Island Season 4: Who Is Valerie Bragg and Where is She Now?

Where is Valerie Bragg From Love Island Season 4 Now

Love Island Season 4: Who Is Valerie Bragg and Where is Valerie Bragg From? – A brand-new episode of Season 4 of Love Island USA aired on July 20, 2022, on Peacock. So naturally, it was only expected that fans would tune in to see the next episode after a strong season premiere episode. But, unfortunately, the season’s established dynamics were shattered when two new ladies entered the villa.

With the chance of an early remarriage, Valerie Bragg and Mady McLanahan shocked audiences as they entered Love Island USA. By the end of the episode, Valerie’s choice of partner had not been revealed, but Mady had paired up with Andy Voyen, leaving Courtney, his ex-partner, relieved yet alone.

Following their decision to fire two seductive women on night one, the showrunners of the fourth season of “Love Island” wasted no time in introducing some drama to the villa. The original islanders had just settled in after the initial pairing ceremony when the boys received the dreaded text message. 

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Who Is Valerie Bragg

Who is Valerie Bragg in Love Island USA?

Valerie is a Costa Rican nutritionist who presently resides in Florida. This attractive woman with dark hair grew up participating in basketball and football. The three largest red flags, according to Val, are “slow walkers,” those who offer unintentional compliments, and those who are unable to apologize when they are mistaken.

She had numerous tattoos, so you wouldn’t be the only one to see them. Because Felipe, a Brazilian model, admitted that tattooed brunette women are his type; therefore, Val may succeed in winning his affection. Will Felipe switch to Val from Sereniti? All we can do is wait and see. This would not be Val’s first accusation of interfering with a relationship. Back in December, Val encountered backlash from trolls after she was charged with severing the relationship between Chase Stokes and his then-girlfriend Madelyn Cline.

A scandalous kiss between Val and Chase Stokes

After a few too many cocktails on December 29, 2021, Val found herself kissing Chase at Orlando’s Eden The Lounge. An unidentified source captured this intimate moment and posted it online. Once the video went public, haters started accusing Val of severing the relationship between Chase and Madelyn. Tired of the threats and criticism, Val made the decision to address the issue in a quick TikTok video where she provided her perspective.

The 22-year-old stated that Chase and Madelyn were both supposedly single at the time of their kiss. “In my opinion, they are both single. They have been alone for more than a month. We simply made out as a result of one thing leading to another, she said. She added that the video had to have been recorded since the building’s lights came on just before closing. “To my eyes, Chase appeared inebriated. I realize I was pretty drunk. Literally, that is what it was. Just two drunk people kiss.”

She affirmed that she and Chase were not romantically involved in the complete video, and that the hookup was not anything more.

Valerie Bragg: Where Is She Now?

It appears that Valerie has returned to her regular schedule after being booted off the show. The Costa Rican woman later admitted that while she was disappointed by her abrupt departure, she was also leaving with many valuable friendships and life lessons. Although the reality star loves to travel and frequently uploads lovely recollections from her travels, Valerie still gives the impression that she lives in Florida.

She also appears to have left her bartending days in the past as she now works full-time as a nutritionist and is very serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Valerie indicated that she was still hunting for the one as she left the stage and urged men to “slip into her DMs.” Unfortunately, it appears that Valerie Bragg is still unmarried and preoccupied with her career as things stand.

To find out, tune in to Love Island USA on Peacock from Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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