“Phrogging: Hider in My House”: Where Is Amber Dawn Now?

Where is Phrogging Survivor Amber Dawn Now

Where is Phrogging Survivor Amber Dawn Today? – Phrogging: Hider in My House, a new true-crime docuseries on Lifetime, debuted on Monday, July 18. The documentary series will look into the spooky and disturbing practice known as phrogging. This true crime thriller that is weirder than fiction investigates the practice of “phrogging,” or covertly residing in another person’s home. Each episode includes first-person testimonials of survivors telling the most twisted, horrifying tales, from the man in the attic to the creeper in the crawl space. Cinematic recreations help to bring the hints and confrontations to life together with interviews and important archive sources. This show shows that there might be monsters under the bed after all.

Ember Dawn is featured in episode 2, titled “Footsteps in the Attic“, whose story is just as scary as the other stories. This incident happened in 1995 and keep reading below to know the full story.

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Who is Amber Dawn

Who is Amber Dawn and What Happened to Her?

Amber, 20 at the time, moved to Enumclaw, an agricultural community in Washington, situated below the volcanic Mount Rainer. So she started living in a house that was near to her brother and his family. She even managed to secure a decent apartment three blocks away from him, but the first night alone made her feel a little uneasy because she heard what sounded like footsteps clearly above her. In the Lifetime Series, she said, “I glance up and see there’s a crawl space entrance that pushes up into the ceiling in my bedroom. I’m on the top level, and the only space above me is an attic.”

Amber did speak with a complex staff member about her worries the following morning, but she only received the callous response that it was probably a squirrel or raccoon, which she wholeheartedly believed. But as the months went by, she began to notice things like her soup or soft drink cans going missing, doors she’d closed being left open, and her tiny puppy accidentally ending up in the sink. 

She first blamed her brother because he had a spare key in the house. The noise of the house made her mentally ill, and she started staying at home. She had to leave all three of her jobs after being ill for six months.

Throughout this time, Amber had continued to hear noises but had ignored them off as animals. However, that evening, while taking a bath, she saw the ceiling hatch was open, and suddenly everything made sense. She said on the Lifetime that “everything just slowed way down.” “I pieced it all together after sitting in the bathtub for what must have been ten to fifteen seconds, but it felt like five minutes… A second person shared my home with me. In order to avoid frightening the stranger, she got out of the bath slowly. She then put on her robe, grabbed a hammer, contacted her sister-in-law to let her know what was happening, and then she and her dog fled. By the time the police came, the phrogger had disappeared”.

where is Amber Dawn now

Where is Amber Dawn Today?

Amber has later acknowledged that when she first realised she wasn’t alone, she assumed the phrogger—a man or someone tall enough to reach the hatch without a ladder—wasn’t a nasty person. That’s because they had almost free access to her for six months and had never once attempted to hurt her. 

When she got out of the bath, she showed no haste on that fateful night. She didn’t want them to know that she had come to know that there was someone else in the house. She even waited for her sister-in-law to come home before they called 911.

Even though the cops made sure the phrogger was indeed gone, Amber left her flat the very next day, taking only a sleeping bag, a book, and some food with her. Even after 25 years of this accident, Amber remembers every single incident very well. This incident changed the way she lived her life.

She is married now, has two children, and is a lifelong animal lover. She is living in Illinois now and said to Lifetime, “Not that I want to make everyone suspicious, but heed your instincts. Deep down, I knew what was happening, but I didn’t believe it was real because I didn’t believe in myself. Since then, I’ve discovered the importance of listening to my instincts and acting on them when they indicate that something isn’t right.