Ex on the Beach: Are Kyra and David Still Together?

Are Kyra and David From Ex on the Beach Still Together

Are Kyra Green and David Barta Still Together? – Ex on the Beach,’ a reality show based on the namesake British series, includes reality TV personalities looking for a romantic companion. The participants are driven to a lovely beach where they can mix with the other inhabitants. However, the cast members’ exes come in the middle of their beach vacation, causing the vacation to be cut short. Now the beach dwellers must decide whether they want to stay with the individual with whom they have formed a bond up to this point or reunite with their ex-partners.

‘Ex on the Beach’ has catapulted numerous couples into the spotlight because of the show’s assured drama. Kyra Green and David Barta, who appeared in the fifth season of the reality show, are among them. As soon as they teamed up, the pair became a fan favourite, and fans couldn’t get enough of them together. 

On Thursday night, Ex On The Beach returned for its Season 6 finale. The reality TV show’s episode 12 was full of surprises, shocks, and joyful endings. While many candidates went their separate ways after deciding on themselves first, a handful chose to give their romance a chance. One such pair was Kyra Green and David Barta.

David was called to the hot seat at the series’ last Table of Truth session. His relationship with Kyra was the subject of the question. They wanted to know if David was merely remaining with Kyra to disprove his ex’s assertions, “shiny object syndrome.” Many people are asking about David and Kyra’s lives following the show, and we have the answers.

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David and Kyra’s  Journey on “Ex on the Beach” TV Show

David Barta starred in the third season of ‘Paradise Hotel’ and came to ‘Ex on the Beach’ to explore his fluid sexuality. He quickly warmed up to another contender Mike Mulderrig and kissed him multiple times. When David’s ex, Danielle Cohen, AKA Dani Coco, showed up on the beach, he rapidly rekindled his relationship with her. With Dani, David was open about his sexuality and told her about his feelings for Mike.

David’s second attempt with Dani, however, was cut short when Kyra Green, a member of the first season of ‘Love Island,’ arrived. David admitted that he has had a thing on Kyra for a long time and has even tried to contact her via social media. While trying to get reunited with Kyra, David entirely ignored Dani, and Dani’s hurt caused many to criticize David. Soon after, Kyra and David began dating, and Dani claimed that David suffered from “shiny object syndrome,” referring to his tendency to leap from one person to the next.

Things took a tricky turn when Kyra’s ex and fellow ‘Love Island’ cast member Emily Salch arrived on the island. Emily wanted to reconnect with Kyra, but she seemed to be preoccupied with David. It was something Emily saw throughout her time on the show as well. Kyra’s ex-girlfriend stated that David’s good looks and fluid sexuality made it difficult for her to win her back.

David was asked if he had stayed with Kyra for so long to prove everyone wrong about his habit of hopping from one person to the next during one of the group activities. “I’ve never felt as strongly about someone as I do with Kyra.” David’s response to the question, “I’ve been falling for her so hard,” earned him many brownie points.

David and Kyra remained together until the fifth season’s last episode. When the moment arrived, David went onto the boat and awaited Kyra’s choice. Dani, his ex-girlfriend, had left in the middle of the season, so Kyra had to pick between her ex-boyfriend and the new one. The next chat was not enjoyable for either of the girls. “I truly know what I want to do with my heart and soul.” However, talking with your ex is always difficult. “Whether you’re going to move forward or not,” Kyra said.

Kyra and David eventually departed the island on a boat together. They pledged to keep their friendship going in the real world. Reality show enthusiasts, on the other hand, are fully aware that such statements frequently turn out to be bogus. Did Kyra and David stay together after the show ended? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far!

Are Kyra and David Still Together

Are David Barta and Kyra Green Still Together or Not?

Yes, Kyra and David are still together, to be sure. The couple even moved in together after they got off the island, according to the end credits of season 5 of ‘Ex on the Beach.’ As of this writing, both reality stars appear to be having a good time away from the show. While Kyra enjoys time with her pals, David’s fitness regime is on display for all to observe.

They’re both using social media to advance their careers. While David promotes his personal training firm, Kyra discusses the initiatives and collaborations on which she has worked so hard. We wish them all the best in their lives and wish them a bright future. Any future appearances by the two on the tiny screen will be greatly appreciated.

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