Where is Kim Su-Min from Single’s Inferno now?

Where is Kim Su-Min from Single's Inferno now

The fascinating idea of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno” is a lonely island, 12 singles, and only romantic dates as a method to escape.

The South Korean dating show assigns a group of strangers to live on an isolated island together and urges them to build romantic ties in order to get away from their “hellish” surroundings.

As a result, there’s a lot of interpersonal conflict and engaging dialogues on the reality show.

The popular show has piqued fans’ attention in the lives of the good-looking and professionally accomplished contestants by featuring a slew of social media celebrities as flirtatious singles in season 1.

Kim Su-Min wasn’t in the show from the beginning, but her wildcard appearance drew the attention of viewers all around the world.

As a result, now that Season 1 is over, it’s only logical to question where Kim Su-Min is. Let’s get started and find out!

What is Kim Su-Min’s Background, Who is She?

In episode 5, Kim Su-Min entered ‘Single’s Inferno’ season 1; she was apprehensive right away because she was new to the singles and the confined setting.

The boys, on the other hand, were ecstatic to see her. During her confessional interview portion, Su-Min confidently declared, “I would define myself as a bright, sociable, and active person.”

The panellists remarked on the 24-year-old model’s dimples and good looks right away.

Su-Min went on to say that she’s “very popular with the males” and gets hit on a regular basis.

However, she stated that she prefers guys with “thick double eyelashes” and who are “honest to their feelings” when describing her ideal romantic partner.

“If I find someone appealing, I’ll do everything I can to capture his heart,” she admitted.

The instant Su-Min landed on the island, Moon Se-Hoon made his move on her. Choi Si-Hun approached her shortly after Song Ji-a gave him the cold shoulder.

Su-Min afterwards spent time with Kim Jun-Sik before going on a date with Si-Hun.

However, in the season finale, Si-Hun chose Ji-a, leaving Su-Min disappointed because she seemed to actually like him and had meaningful chats with him.

What happened to Kim Su-Min & Where is She These Days?

Following her experience on ‘Single’s Inferno,’ she moved on to other projects. Kim Su-Min appears to be resuming her normal routine.

She has also resumed her career as a professional model, particularly for advertising for beauty products.

Her social media following has rapidly grown as a result of her involvement on the show, and her lovely nature has surely piqued the curiosity of many admirers in her personal and professional life.

Su-Min may not have found love on the island, but she appears to have made some amazing pals, as she routinely shares images from her time on the show.

According to her Instagram page, the young girl enjoys cuisine, travel, and movies, and she appears to have good taste in these areas.

Surprisingly, Su-Min acted in a short film named ‘Forgotten Love‘ in 2020. Given her recent rise in fame, more acting and modelling chances are likely to present themselves.

Su-Min has remarked that she enjoys having her photographs taken and that modelling is a “natural decision” for her.

As a result, we are confident that she has a bright career ahead of her because she is clearly passionate about and skilled at what she does.

She might even meet the double-eyed man of her dreams if she works in the Korean entertainment industry!