Recap and Ending Explanation of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2

the righteous gemstones season 2

The eponymous family’s situation is less than ideal after the first season of ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’

They get the money from Baby Billy (Walton Goggins), who survives a lightning strike and later joins Tiffany as a tent evangelist. Rev. Seasons (Dermot Mulroney) is named pastor of the Gemstone Ministries’ Locust Grove chapter by Eli (John Goodman).

Judy (Edi Patterson) and BJ (Tim Baltz) reconcile, while Kelvin (Adam DeVine) reclaims Keefe from his Satanist associates.

Jesse (Danny McBride) travels to Tahiti to join Gideon (Skyler Gisondo) in missionary work when Amber (Cassidy Freeman) appears to break their marriage.

‘The Righteous Gemstones’ appears to have returned to its default form at the start of Season 2.

Amber and Jesse are back together, and the latter has recommitted himself to the church. Kelvin (Adam DeVine) has turned his concentration to preaching to fitness buffs, and he has a posse of muscle-bound believers who follow him around everywhere.

Judy and BJ married at Disneyworld, which has provided extra fodder for her siblings to mock her. She’s also taking a more active role in the church as the main singer.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ season 2’s first two episodes and their conclusion.


the righteous gemstones Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Ending Explained

Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2 of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Recap

I Speak in the Tongues of Men and Angels,’ the season 2 premiere, begins with a flashback scenario. Eli used to work as a teenage pro wrestler in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968, under the ring moniker the Maniac Kid.

He became close to the Promoter and his son, Junior, and performed odd jobs for them, such as breaking into people’s homes and breaking their fingers for failing to repay loans.

The Gemstones are currently preparing to develop GODD, a 24/7 Christian streaming service.

Rev. Butterfield, the pastor of one of the highly featured churches on the platform, and his wife were the subject of a New York Times piece in which the writer, Thaniel Block (Jason Schwartzman), documented the couple’s sexual connection with another woman.

Butterfield tries to commit suicide by jumping over the first-floor balcony after Eli removes him from the app, but he only breaks both of his legs.

The Gemstone siblings fight and strive to outdo each other on a regular basis. Jesse believes that as the firstborn, he will inherit the church from his father and instructs his siblings to kiss his ring (both literally and figuratively) to demonstrate their devotion.

the righteous gemstones Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Lyle (Eric André) and Lindy (Jessica Lowe) Lissons, a husband-and-wife team who run a thriving megachurch in Texas, meet him and Amber.

The Lissons invite Jesse and Amber to join them in their grandiose Zion’s Landing project, a Christian timeshare resort that Lyle and Lindy hope to establish on Florida’s beaches.

Even though Jesse and Amber are adamant that they are the Gemstone Ministries’ future leaders, they still require Eli’s approval to use the church’s name on everything.

Jesse’s continual pushbacks irritate Eli, so he instructs him to do anything he wants.

Finally, junior (Eric Roberts) from the past pays Eli a visit, and the former, prompted by the latter, break a man’s fingers, exactly as he did all those years before.

Jesse and Amber visit the Lissons’ ranch in episode 2, headlined ‘After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come,’ where they meet Joe Jonas and hear that they must invest $10 million in Zion’s Landing.

They don’t have the funds because their home, cars, and land are all owned by the church. Thaniel pays Eli a visit and informs him that his next story will be about Aimee-Leigh, his late wife.

When the siblings learn about it, they decide to pay a visit to Thaniel and have a conversation with him.

the righteous gemstones Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Is Thaniel Dead in ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2?

Thaniel is no longer alive. When the Gemstone siblings go to his cabin, they discover him laying in what appears to be a pool of his own blood.

During the church lunch earlier in the episode, Eli tells his children about Thaniel and how the journalist has his sights set on their family this time.

Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin’s reactions are all extremely typical of their characters. Jesse wants to go beat up Thaniel with a few of his friends.

Judy proclaims, neurotic as ever that she will seduce the journalist as her husband sits next to her.

Eli, on the other hand, declares that they will do nothing. Kelvin, as usual, is the most level-headed, telling his father that in the age of social media, doing nothing is a horrible idea. Meanwhile, Junior asks Eli and himself to go roughhousing Thaniel.

Is Thaniel Dead

Despite Eli’s assurances that they will not seek to engage Thaniel, his children get together and determine that it is in the best interests of the church to go have a pleasant chat with Thaniel in order to demonstrate to him that they are nice people.

When they arrive, however, they discover that the cabin’s main entrance is open and the television is turned on.

Kelvin waits outside because he doesn’t want to enter someone’s home without their consent. Thaniel is found by his siblings. His head has a bullet hole in it.

Kelvin discovers a charred body near a car and another high in a tree outside. He runs inside the cabin, terrified, and slams into Jesse and Judy, causing them all to collapse.

Someone with a flashlight approaches them as they try to flee. They go straight to Eli’s house when they return to the Gemstone property and clean themselves in his fountain.

When Eli and Martin return, his children see that he has bloodstains on his trousers. Despite Eli’s allegation that the blood came from a deer, the implication is that Eli killed Thaniel with Martin’s assistance.