Where Is ‘LeAndre Jennings’ Now in the “Michael Brinkman Murder Case”?

Michael Brinkman Murder Mystery

On December 23, 2016, 911 operators in Omaha, Nebraska, received a troubling call notifying them of a possible shooting in a home invasion.

When first responders arrived, they discovered Michael Brinkman collapsed with a bullet wound in his chest.

Despite being sent to the hospital, he died due to his injuries, prompting officials to open a homicide inquiry.

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Seven Minutes of Terror,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the horrible murder and demonstrates how an unusual hint led straight to the killer.

Let’s look into the case’s details and see where the murderer is right now, shall we?

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Michael Brinkman With Wife

What Caused Michael Brinkman’s Death?

Michael Brinkman, 50, lived in Omaha with his girlfriend, Kim Milius, and son, Seth, at the time of his murder.

Although his fiancée later indicated that he may have had a falling out with the other companions, the father of one was previously connected with a roofing company.

His death, which came as a shock to society and was widely regarded as a nice human person, is still mourned today.

In Michael’s house, December 23, 2016, was exactly like any other day. The family was really eager to spend Christmas with each other and was looking forward to the holidays.

However, when two masked shooters pushed their way into the residence, their jubilation was crushed by a brutal act of hatred and greed.

During the house invasion, Seth was in the shower and came out to discover Kim and his father being threatened with live guns.

Michael Brinkman Murder Case

A brawl occurred, and the men exchanged three shots, one of which struck Michael in the chest.

Unfortunately, the men managed to flee, and Michael was on the edge of giving up by the time the cops came.

First responders, still determined to save him, transported him to a local hospital, where he perished to his gunshot wound.

Apart from a piece of Texas Toast left in the toilet by one of the attackers, there was little evidence at the crime scene.

Furthermore, it did not appear to be an armed robbery because the intruders entirely ignored an envelope holding cash and a safe containing $200,000 in cash.

LeAndre Jennings in Michael Brinkman Murder Case

Who Was Michael Brinkman’s killer?

The initial investigation into Michael’s death was delayed, and investigators didn’t have many clues to work with.

As a result, the police conducted numerous interviews with Michael’s acquaintances in order to determine who and why someone would want to harm the older man.

According to the show, Michael’s girlfriend, Kim, reported to the police that her boyfriend had an unexpected dispute with an old acquaintance that quickly escalated into a violent and frightening situation.

She also indicated that Michael was dissatisfied with the way his prior workplace was taking, which led to him having a feud with other coworkers who may have had a motivation for murder.

After the investigation had come up empty, authorities looked to the slice of toast they had recovered from Michael’s house and discovered a bite mark on it.

The toast was sent in for forensic testing right away, and the results revealed that it contained foreign DNA that did not belong to the household’s members.

When investigators compared the DNA to the police database, they discovered that it was a dead ringer for repeat offender LeAndre Jennings.

LeAndre Jennings in Michael Brinkman Murder

According to the show, LeAndre had a long criminal history and was more than capable of committing the heinous homicide.

Furthermore, they discovered LeAndre’s DNA on a shower rod Seth had used to hit the attackers during forensic examinations.

As a result of the forensic evidence, LeAndre Jennings was apprehended and charged with Michael’s murder.

What Has Happened to LeAndre Jennings?

When LeAndre Jennings was brought before the court, he maintained his innocence and pled not guilty to the allegations levelled against him.

The jury, however, did not agree with him and found him guilty of first-degree murder, as well as the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony and the possession of a deadly weapon by a felon.

Where Is LeAndre Jennings Now

He received a life sentence for the murder conviction, while LeAndre was sentenced to 30 to 40 years for using a deadly weapon to commit a felony and 40 to 45 years for possessing a deadly weapon or firearm.

LeAndre Jennings is currently detained at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Johnson County, Nebraska, and will be considered for release again in 2029. Surprisingly, the identity of the second attacker is still unknown.