‘The Colony’ 2021 Movie Review & Ending Explained – What Is The Bio-Meter, and How Does It Work?

The Colony Movie Review And Ending Explaination

Official Plot: Set in the distant future, a female astronaut, shipwrecked on the long-decimated Earth, must decide the fate of the wasteland’s remaining populace.

Director: Tim Fehlbaum
Writers: Tim Fehlbaum(screenplay by), Mariko Minoguchi(screenplay by), Jo Rogers
Stars: Nora Arnezeder, Iain Glen, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina

Tim Fehlbaum’s ambient sci-fi epic ‘The Colony‘ (originally titled ‘Tides‘) flips the script on the outer-planets trope to tell a fresh and thought-provoking storey about human resilience.

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We are transported to a dismal future Earth in this dystopian thriller. Although the Earth is ravaged by disasters, it may nevertheless provide optimal conditions for birth.

Elites have established themselves on the far-off planet Kepler 209, but they must now return in order to expand their species.

Blake is forced to align with the hostile planet after an accident in the atmosphere. She discovers that the world is not entirely desolate.

The ending’s open-ended nature leaves a lot to the imagination. Let us travel back to the future if you want to learn more about the movie’s ending.


What is The Bio-Meter in The Colony Movie

Synopsis of ‘The Colony’ 2021 Movie

The story’s context is provided by title cards. When pandemics, climate change, and conflict made it impossible to live on Earth, the ruling elites chose Kepler 209.

Human fertility is reduced by Kepler’s radiation, and humanity on the alien planet faces extinction.

The settlers embark on Project Ulysses, a mission to return to Earth, after spending two generations on the planet.

The first mission, led by Blake’s father, has failed, and the film opens with Ulysses 2 descending on Earth.

In the stratosphere, the spaceship runs into problems and crashes onto the planet. By the time they arrive, Holden has moved on to the other side, and Tucker is hurt.

Blake decides to conduct the initial recon on her own.

Blake discovers a “Chelicerata,” a type of crab, after collecting a water sample. Tucker orders Blake to run a fertility test after the astronauts had been away from Kepler’s radiation for 563 days.

Although the outcome is poor, there is still reason to be optimistic. Blake also comes across an Aurelia Aurita, a type of jellyfish, and is stung while collecting a sample. Tucker ignites a flare as the cyclical fog settles.

However, before Blake can return to the pod, the ship is discovered by a primitive tribe, who kidnaps Blake and Tucker.

The astronauts are held in a sewer-like prison by the locals. The pod, the bio-meter, and other equipment are also taken by the “Muds,” as they are known on Kepler.

Blake must now locate the bio-meter and reunite with her assumed dead father, even if it means murdering another Kepler.

The Colony Ending

What Is The Bio-Meter in ‘The Colony’s’ Ending? What’s the Location of it?

Blake looks after the man Tucker injured earlier in the tribal camp. The bio-meter, along with the other equipment, has been captured by the hostile tribe.

She meets Maila, a friendly girl, and asks her to retrieve the bio-meter, using drawings to communicate.

The flood occurs at night, and the tribe manages to stay afloat in their makeshift canoes. In the ensuing day, a militant group attacks the tribe, assailating several and kidnapping a few, including Maila.

Finally, the militants transport the group to an abandoned ship that also serves as their colony.

Although hot-headed guard Paling is first antagonistic, gazing at Blake’s pendant, he realises her Keplar heritage.

He takes her to Gibson, a fellow passenger on Ulysses 1 with Blake’s father. There are still survivors from the first mission, so it isn’t entirely a failure.

Gibson is urged by Blake to locate the Bio-Meter, as it is their only hope of survival. You might be wondering what the bio-meter is.

The device in question is a device that measures a Kepler’s ability to reproduce. Blake must locate the device in order to determine whether the Earth’s climate can counteract Kepler’s radiation and prepare the human body for reproduction.

We notice that the radiation has shrivelled from Blake’s body when her menstrual cycle begins in Gibson’s ship.

Blake, on the other hand, must locate the technology that will allow her to reproduce. When connected to the Henderson Hub, a temperature station near the colony, the bio-meter can also function as a beaconing device.

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However, we have no idea where the bio-meter went after it left the Mud colony. Gibson, on the other hand, wants to train Maila to be a Kepler.

Narvik, Maila’s mother, later breaks onto the ship in order to reclaim her daughter.

Paling, Gibson’s sidekick, holds Narvik captive, while Maila hides in Blake’s room’s cabinet.

Gibson appears to recognise Narvik as a former guard aboard the ship who turned against the Keplers.

Gibson becomes enthralled when Blake suggests transmitting with the bio-meter. However, because Blake has deduced that the device is in the Mud colony, Gibson orders Paling and Blake to search for it.

Neil, on the other hand, discovers a device buried in the back of Maila’s doll shortly after they leave.

Gibson considers taking Neil to the Henderson Hub and becoming a Kepler legend because the bio-meter has been there all along.


Neil’s Father: Who Is He? Is Gibson Still Alive Or He Died?

The suspenseful conclusion is played out in the midst of the raging floodwaters. Even as he holds Blake’s father hostage, Blake gives Gibson the benefit of the doubt.

She gradually sees the flaws in Gibson’s militant behaviour. Gibson intends to execute Narvik the next morning after kidnapping her.

Blake will not allow this to happen. Maila, meanwhile, escapes her dorm and hides in Blake’s cabinet.

Paling enters Blake’s room under the guise of conducting a search and forces himself on her.

Blake uses her Kepler pendant to kill Palling and then flees with Maila. She frees the Mud captives and returns to her father’s cabin to see how he is doing.

He assures her that the Earth does, in fact, regenerate fertility, as Neil can attest. Neil is Blake’s father’s son, who regained his fertility when he came to Earth.

Is Gibson Dead or Alive

In addition, Blake’s father may have had feelings for Munay, the mother of the child. Gibson took Munay and Neil under his wing after imprisoning Blake’s father for staging an alleged uprising.

Meanwhile, Blake peers out the window and notices Gibson driving Neil and Munay to the Henderson Hub.

When Blake understands that Gibson has the bio-meter, he rushes to obtain it. However, when she arrives at the Hub, she discovers Gibson in a crazy state.

He’s keen to get the signal to Kepler, as well as confirmation that returning to Earth restores fertility. He tells Blake to put down her weapon and then shoots Munay dead.

Blake puts down her gun and joins Gibson in the water. She tries to choke him, but the image fades back to the Mud boat, leaving us in the dark about Gibson’s fate.

Gibson, on the other hand, does not appear to survive the underwater disturbance and perishes in the finality of events.

Does Earth Really Regenerate Fertility

Is Earth’s Fertility Regenerated in Future? Is It Possible For Trees To Grow On A Future Earth?

Blake’s father shows her a tree specimen in a flashback sequence. Because trees do not grow on Kepler 209, the concept of a tree does not exist in a Kepler’s head.

Nevertheless, Blake’s father tells her that there were many trees on planet Earth before humans plundered it all.

As Blake and Tucker arrive on the future Earth, we discover that it has been inhabited for some time.

In contrast to Kepler’s arid environment, Earth’s climate is moist and chaotic. Fog and flood are always ebbing and flowing, endangering life’s possibilities.

The Colony Movie jellyfish


While crabs, jellyfish, and other saltwater organisms manage to survive, the human body is not built for such conditions.

Humans, ironically, continue to thrive and procreate in the barrenness of the Earth, despite the fact that Kepler 209’s radiation has taken away their ability to reproduce.

What is The Bio-Meter

It has effectively eliminated the chance of the alien planet being repopulated, which is why they returned in the first place.

For the same reason, Gibson exclusively confines young Mud girls in order to return them to Kepler.

The Earth’s environment, on the other hand, appears to be excellent for reproduction. Blake’s menstrual cycle begins shortly after her arrival on Earth.

Blake’s father suffered the same fate, and Neil was born as a result. But what about the trees? Is it possible to have tropical jungles on a future Earth?

Finally, Neil inquires of Blake about the presence of trees on Earth in the future. While Blake reassures Neil, given the unpredictability of the weather, we can’t be that optimistic.

While Keplar sees optimism for humanity’s future, Earth is unlikely to revert to its original state.