Miranda Webb Now: Where is Lily Forester’s Family Now?

Who is Lily Forester’s Family

Miranda Webb Now: Where is Lily Forester’s Family Today? – HBO documentary “The Anarchists” highlights the dark side of humanity, which centers on a gang of diverse dreamers, fugitives, and crypto-enthusiasts as they promote self-rule. This is due to the fact that this six-part original documentary details the bizarre and fatal chain of circumstances that led to the dispersal of the Acapulco, Mexico, anarcho-capitalist group. Lily Forester (actual name Miranda Webb) is one of them also.

So if you just want to know more about Lily Forester’s family, how they affected her, and where they stand right now, we’ve got the information for you.

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Where is Lily Forester's Family

Who is the Family of Lily Forester?

Despite being the only child of Randal “Randy” Webb and Michelle “Red” Jarvis when she was born in 1993, Lily does have four half-siblings who were fathered by other men, according to the docuseries. Her early years were, therefore, quite difficult; in addition to her parents divorcing when she was only 2, she also recalls that her father used to buy marijuana from her mother before they got married. Additionally, Randy in the play said that, despite Michelle being legitimately highly brilliant, she was “a party girl” and “an alcoholic” who used alcohol every day.

At one point, Lily commented, “My entire life since conception has been infected by the war on drugs… [My earliest memories are of] camping with my dad and shady people [being] around my mom.” 

“We kind of just lived day-to-day…,” Kat stated,” We’d have to go steal groceries out of people’s trunks when they were taking car loads into the house. It was explained to me as this is just what you did to survive.”

The police raid at their mother’s house because of her heroin use and sale, which Kat says undoubtedly influenced her sister’s perspective of authority, was one of their worst experiences as children. They were also greatly affected by the fact that Michelle died in December 2010 after having a mental breakdown while under the influence and stepping into the street. However, Lily gradually realized that she wanted a different life for herself due to the comparisons she had to deal with due to her mother’s physical similarity and good health.

Where is the family of Lily Forester now?

According to what we can gather, Lily Forester is still close to almost all of her family members despite being a wanted felon based in Mexico, including her loving father and her half-siblings.

Sadly, we don’t know much about the later four—apparently named Katie “Kat Glaze” Kury, Jericho Rich, Julian Allen, and Christian Allen—but we do know that her father is currently doing well. Randy, who was born in Perry, Ohio, seems to be pursuing his ambitions because he recently accepted a job at Webb’s Auto Body in Front Royal, Virginia.

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