Where is Kidnapping and Assault Survivor ‘Morgan Metzer’ Today?

where is Morgan Metzer now

Where is Kidnapping and Assault Survivor ‘Morgan Metzer’ Now? – After divorcing her spouse of 10 years, Rodney, Morgan Metzer, was eager to start over. However, she awoke on January 1st, 2021, to an intruder in her bedroom who had just brutally attacked her. Morgan discusses their relationship and how Rodney ended up as the assailant in Investigation Discovery’s episode “Evil Lives Here: He Pretended To Save Me.” Here is what we know, in case you’re wondering how Morgan is doing or where she might be right now.

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Morgan and Rodney Metzer
Morgan and Rodney Metzer were married for 10 years but divorced less than a month before the attack.

Morgan Metzer: Who is She?

Morgan Metzer discussed Rodney Metzer being her first love on the show. When Morgan was around 15 years old, they first started dating, and they got married when she was 21. At first, everything between the two seemed ideal. However, Morgan also said that she disregarded her father’s cautions regarding Rodney. Later on, though, Morgan recalled that Rodney struggled with his temper and would frequently yell and hurl objects. The couple also welcomed twins, but things continued to deteriorate.

Morgan also described how she frequently locked the kids and herself in a closet because of Rodney’s violent outbursts.

Trying to remember the first time she recognized something was wrong, Morgan Metzer said, “I’m sitting there trying to massage my eyes.”

Waking up to it is every woman’s worst fear,” she remarked. “That voice still to this day just haunts me while I sleep.”

She recalled, “I could feel his finger on the trigger of the rifle.” “And I thought, “This is it.” I’m leaving.”

He made the choice to choke me. Once, twice. I eventually reached a point where I could hardly breathe. I believed it to be my final breath.”

But he again paused, putting a pillowcase over Morgan’s head before dumping her on a sofa on the back deck after sexually abusing her and zip-tying her hands behind her back.

You botched up, he kept saying as he walked away. We can’t say that about your ex-husband, but you’ll be fine. You’re going to miss him a lot.”

who is Morgan Metzer

I would keep telling them that he was just having a horrible day and needed some time to calm down, and that we’re just trying to stay out of the way,” she added. “We would engage in activities there as a team, and I would turn it into a game.” Morgan also discussed on the broadcast how Rodney would abuse her and even try to push himself upon her when she refused to have sex.

Morgan and her husband of ten years finally had enough and filed for divorce. But in the days before the attack, Rodney tried to win her back. He once pretended to have cancer while actually having spent the previous week sleeping on her couch. Then, early on January 1, 2021, Morgan was attacked in her bedroom by a masked man who had a distorted speech. She remarked that every woman’s worst nightmare is to awaken to that. Even today, I still have trouble sleeping because of the voice.

He attempted to choke Morgan and zip-tied her hands behind her back after beating her with a revolver. The intruder then attacked Morgan sexually, covered her head with a pillowcase, and left her on the back deck. She said, “He kept saying, ‘You fouled up’ on his way out. We can’t say that about your ex-husband, but you’ll be fine. You’re going to miss him a lot.” Finally, the attacker commanded Morgan to remain stationary until she heard automobile horns, but she never did.

Haugh told Rodney that evening at the scene, “There’s no way in hell that somebody knocks on your window and says her name, and you instantly rush over here because you’re going to check on her. And a man who is masking his voice has chained her and placed a pillowcase over her head.”

where is morgan metzer today

Where is Morgan Metzer Now?

Rodney Metzer discovered Morgan and dialed 911 shortly after the assailant had left. After a thorough investigation, the authorities eventually determined that Rodney was the masked man who attacked his ex-wife. He admitted to his misdeeds and was given a lengthy prison sentence. Later, Morgan revealed, “He had intended to kill both himself and me. I suppose he didn’t want anyone else to have me since he couldn’t have me. There was no sudden fit of madness; everything was planned.”

In the end, Rodney Metzer entered a guilty plea on all charges, including kidnapping and severe assault. He consented to a 70-year sentence, 25 of which would be spent in prison.

Morgan remarked, “I genuinely think he thought he could get away with it.”

She expressed her desire for Rodney to be denied parole on the program. Currently residing in Georgia, Morgan appears to be doing far better today. She has been utilising social media to spread awareness of narcissism and gaslighting in relationships since she started working at an interior design firm. Morgan also spends time caring for her dogs and parenting her children.

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