Where is Morgan Metzer’s Ex-Husband and Attacker ‘Rodney Metzer’ Now?

Where is Rodney Metzer Now

Where is Morgan Metzer’s Ex-Husband and Attacker ‘Rodney Metzer’ Today? – After a brutal fight, Rodney Metzer discovered his ex-wife, Morgan, on her back deck in January 2021. It appeared as though he was there to save her, but further investigation revealed a different story. ‘Evil Lives Here: He Pretended To Save Me‘ on Investigation Discovery focuses on how Rodney devised a weird plan to attack Morgan and then pretend to save her viciously. Despite his protestations of innocence, all the available information implicated him in the assault. So, if you’re curious about what happened in this story, who is Rodney Metzer, and where is he now? Keep reading below.

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Morgan and Rodney Metzer
Morgan and Rodney Metzer were married for 10 years but divorced less than a month before the attack.

Who Is Rodney Metzer and What Did He Do?

Since they were teenagers, Rodney Metzer and Morgan had been dating. They ultimately got married and cohabitated for nearly ten years when things started going wrong. The couple had twins, but over time, things didn’t work out, and they separated. The show said that Morgan could no longer tolerate Rodney’s regular violent outbursts. Nevertheless, despite their divorce, Rodney was eager to start seeing Morgan again and would frequently ask her for a second chance.

In Cherokee County, Georgia, Rodney Metzer dialed 911 from outside his ex-wife’s home at around two in the morning on January 1, 2021. When he discovered Morgan Metzer on the deck, he informed the police that she was lying face down with a pillowcase covering her head and her hands bound with zip ties. A masked intruder had attacked Morgan in her bedroom, beating her with a revolver, trying to choke her, and then abandoning her on the front porch.

local hardware store captured Metzer

However, as the police questioned Rodney, his story started to fall apart. He stated that someone rapped on the window of his flat and yelled Morgan’s name to alert him about the attack. According to the program, Rodney claimed he attempted to text and call Morgan before visiting her home. The investigators also discovered that Rodney had attempted a reconciliation with Morgan in the days preceding the attack and even pretended to have cancer to win Morgan’s sympathy.

The investigators then started to believe Rodney was the attacker since he employed a mask and a false voice. The cops discovered zip ties and a pistol in his car. The zip ties have been used on Morgan previously. Additionally, Rodney was captured on security footage from a hardware store carrying a package of zip ties. The authorities thought he broke into Morgan’s house, attacked her, changed clothes, and left before coming back. On the night of the assault, Rodney arrived at his apartment and left a short while later wearing different clothes, according to security footage.

Where is Rodney Metzer Today

What Happened to Rodney Metzer and Where Is He Now?

Due to his lying to investigators, Rodney Metzer was taken into custody early on January 1, 2021.

Later, deputies found security footage from the store showing him purchasing the same zip ties that were allegedly used to tie his ex-wife’s hands behind her back. Additionally, they claimed that the zip ties in his apartment’s open bag matched those found at the site.

Online searches for “how long to choke someone unconscious” and “how to modify the tone of your voice” were found in Rodney’s history. They also discovered photographs of Morgan taking a shower and pictures of her text chats.

A note urging suicide and a fake hospital bill meant to deceive Morgan into believing he had cancer were also discovered. She had earlier allowed him to sleep on her sofa because of this.

Rodney, who was 36 at the time, entered a guilty plea to 14 crimes in August 2021, including kidnapping, home invasion, armed robbery, aggravated battery, assault, and false imprisonment. He was then given a 25-year prison term and a 45-year probationary period. According to prison records, Rodney is still detained at the Augusta State Medical Prison in Grovetown, Georgia. However, he could be released as late as December 2045.

According to Rachel Ashe, assistant district attorney for Cherokee County, “honestly, we don’t see this kind of sentencing in a lot of domestic violence cases.” “Had he not agreed to it, he may have been facing more than that. This was something so awful and so egregious.

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