Where is Wirecard Whistleblower Pav Gill Today?

Where is Wirecard Whistleblower Pav Gill Now

Netflix’s ‘Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard’: Where is Wirecard Whistleblower Pav Gill Now? – The documentary “Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard” chronicles a determined group of journalists who discovered significant fraud at the fledgling payment company Wirecard, which astounded the financial sector with its meteoric rise.

The recently released documentary on Netflix tells the tale of the German startup company Wirecard. In addition to its incredibly successful and historic industry, Germany is known for its well-known firms like BMW, Volkswagen, and other brands. A corporation with more than 6,000 employees that was a total fraud emerged from this region. There is simply nothing legitimate about Wirecard; it is comparable to The Emperor’s New Clothes. Founded in 1999, Wirecard began to fall apart in 2021 and is still operating now.

Since it documents not only the corporation’s financial irregularities, mafia-like tactics, and public deceptions but also the journalists’ extensive efforts dedicated to revealing their truth, it is clear that the company engaged in both. But for now, if you simply want to know more about whistleblower Pav Gill, who essentially launched the comprehensive investigation against Wirecard, we have the required information for you.

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Who is Pav Gill

Who Is Wirecard Whistleblower Pav Gill

Pavandeep “Pav” Gill was born and raised in Singapore as the sole child of a first-generation Sikh immigrant single mother, giving him an apparent ideal exposure to the surrounding cultures. His Asian origins, the nearby Western neighborhood, and the circumstances he experienced growing up in public housing all contributed to his developing a unique, global worldview. He realized he had to seek a career that would align with his sense of who he was while igniting change when this was coupled with his early interest in law and IT.

The National University of Singapore awarded Pav a Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) in 2008, and he rapidly made a name for himself in the financial services industry. He joined Wirecard in September 2017 and served as the company’s first in-house Head of Legal for the whole Asia-Pacific region, reporting only to the Munich headquarters. However, things changed once he opened an external investigation (as instructed by his supervisor) after being approached in confidence by staff about significant bookkeeping irregularities.

Throughout the subsequent procedure, some people participated, and Wirecard’s then-deputy general counsel even agreed to the removal of copies of the accused finance executive’s email inbox. However, when the investigation was made known to the upper brass, they simply shut it down permanently instead of taking action against the alleged offender and quickly started severely harassing Pav. He once recalled, “I was then made to endure 3-4 months of intense intimidation. which culminated in an attempt to send me to Jakarta for a questionable business trip that had no purpose other than to be a one-way ticket. When that failed, I was forced to resign.”

In reality, Wirecard allegedly interfered with Pav’s plans to just begin a new job and move on by attempting to “destroy” him “manfully, professionally, emotionally.” He thought he was being watched and that he was being set up to violate his non-disclosure agreements during job interviews. In addition, his neighbours said they had seen odd guys about his apartment. At that point, the lawyer’s mother decided enough was enough and prodded him to provide the Financial Times the information he had, which was was already looking into the phoney firm.

Where is Pav Gill Now

Where is Wirecard Whistleblower Pav Gill?

Throughout the FT’s reporting, Pav Gill really maintained complete anonymity—that is, until well after news of the corporation’s reality leaked in 2020 and Wirecard even went into bankruptcy. He spoke openly to Dun and Bradstreet in a 2021 interview, saying, “Now that the misconduct has been exposed, I decided the time was ripe to announce my name. The message is clear: You should hold your head high as long as you haven’t done anything wrong and remain true to your own ideals. The people who should be afraid are those who have perpetrated or are still committing crimes.”

Regarding his present location, we can confidently say that Pav has since moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where he is happily starting a new life while continuing to work in the fintech sector. As far as we can determine, he currently proudly holds the position of Chief Legal Officer at the digital asset, payments, cryptocurrency exchange, and wealth creation company known as Zipmex. He has previously held positions with financial institutions like Wise, BigPay, and Wirecard, as well as private companies like Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, and King & Spalding.

In a recent interview with Masala Magazine, Pav stated candidly, “I am more of a transactional lawyer, so sitting behind a desk reading regulations is definitely not my thing. I derive meaning and satisfaction from the work I do by seeing how the products I was involved in from a legal perspective translate into real-life use cases for people.” He then continued, “One of the most important lessons I have learned from my professional journey is that you are learning all the time – whether from your peers, superiors, or subordinates.

It’s important to note that the lawyer dislikes the term “whistleblower” because, in his words, “it has some stigma, or negative connotations attached to it. It implies you are going against the company which is feeding you, it involves a breach of trust.”

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