Where Are Journalists Paul Murphy and Dan McCrum Today?

Journalists Paul Murphy and Dan McCrum Now

Where Are Journalists Paul Murphy and Dan McCrum Now? – The Netflix documentary “Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard” thoroughly covers the convoluted growth and fall of the named financial powerhouse, living up to its title in every way possible. In other words, it explores every angle of how this payment processing company charmed the world—at least, until a group of determined journalists uncovered their deceitful nature. Paul Murphy and Dan McCrum, two seasoned journalists for The Financial Times, were among them. Let’s learn more about their current position today, shall we?

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Where is Paul Murphy Now

Where is Paul Murphy Now?

Paul Murphy, a multi-award winner, first joined the British daily newspaper in 2006 to help it grow its online presence. He quickly advanced to become the proud founder and editor of FT Alphaville. By this point, he had worked not just at Sunday Business, the Daily Telegraph, and The Banker, but he had also served as financial editor of The Guardian, demonstrating his superior qualifications for the position. So, within a few years, the seasoned financial markets journalists were able to grow the site to the point where they could concentrate on covering almost any case they so wished.

By the middle of the 2010s, Paul was undoubtedly succeeding and was asked to head the FT’s probe into Wirecard. However, this inquiry ended up taking five long years. We should point out that, in addition to this German fintech company, he oversaw the investigations into The Presidents Club and Martin Sorrell’s fall from grace. Regarding his whereabouts, from what we can gather, Paul is still living in London at the moment and happily leads the investigative division of The Financial Times newspaper.

Where is Dan McCrum Now?

Dan McCrum, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics from Durham University (1998–2001), began his work as a corporate analyst before transitioning into reporting in the middle of the 2000s. As a result, he seized the chance to join FT in 2007, only to progress up the ranks by traveling between London and New York before returning to London again, just like Paul Murphy. The aspirational author started off as a Columnist but rapidly demonstrated his talent and earned the positions of US Investment Correspondent, Capital Markets Editor, and FT Alphaville Editor.

Consequently, Dan has been a proud Investigative Reporter at The Financial Times since 2019, with 16 years of experience and a few accolades to his credit. However, it’s important to point out that the London resident, dedicated father of two, adoring husband, and celebrated novelist is now as well.

In June 2022, Dan published his first book, “Money Men: A Hot Startup, A Billion Dollar Fraud, A Fight for the Truth,” which served as the basis for Netflix’s “Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard.” We should also point out that Paul Murphy and Dan McCrum both signed contracts with the William Morris Endeavor (WME) entertainment agency in 2020 to have the agency represent them in all media, which obviously includes podcasts, novels, television, and cinema.

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