The Anarchists: Where is the Voluntaryist ‘Jason Henza’ Today?

Where is Jason Henza Now

The Anarchists: Where is the Voluntaryist Jason Henza Now? –┬áJohn Galton, an American anarchist who allegedly left the country in 2016 owing to drug suspicions, was reportedly shot dead at his home in Acapulco, Mexico. According to reports, Galton and his girlfriend, Lily, discussed their flight from the nation after being sentenced to 25 years in prison for growing marijuana extracts.

The dark side of humanity is also becoming more apparent as HBO documentary “The Anarchists” explores the messy yet fascinating story of a failed endeavor to advance the free society movement. After all, this six-part original documentary series dives deeply into the string of horrifying, weird, and fatal occurrences that ultimately led to the community’s collapse in Acapulco, Mexico, where anarcho-capitalism was practiced.

We now have the information you need if you want to discover more about Jason Henza in particular, especially given how his direct worldview turned his entire world upside down in every way possible.

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Who is Jason Henza?

There is no information online about Jason Henza’s precise birth information. When the attack occurred, he was 43 years old in 2019, making him 46 years old in 2022.

Jason Henza and his wife were living in Chicago, Illinois, when Jason Henza came to the realization that he wanted actual independence, which meant not constantly having to answer to financial or government institutions. After seeing fugitive anarchists John Galton and Lily Forester on Steemit, he was so moved by their tale that he persuaded his partner to join him on an extended vacation to Acapulco. Because she was not only uninterested in the idea of anarchy but also disliked the heat, he actually paid for their travel personally by spending all of his life savings at her request, only for it to backfire.

Following their return to Illinois from Anarchapulco in 2017, Jason’s wife filed for divorce three days later because she had made a connection with someone else while they were in Mexico. He has always maintained that his motives were different, and he was unaware that his ex-partner was relocating there to live with her lover permanently until he decided to do the same. In the documentary series, he revealed that Acapulco had felt like the appropriate place for him because it had felt like he was finally among his family and his community. As a result, he wanted to get involved as soon as possible.

While coping with his undeniable sadness at the seaside town, Jason grew closer to John and Lily before stumbling into a “bro-y” relationship with US Army veteran Paul Propert. He had no idea at the moment, though, that the latter’s personal problems would put him in awkward situations and eventually cause him to push Paul away and seek comfort with the former trio. As if that weren’t enough, on February 1, 2019, masked gunmen broke into the couple’s home and viciously shot Jason three times, instantly killing John.

What Happened to Jason Henza and Where Is He Now?

Due to worries that it was a cartel hit, as per the program, Jason was able to heal from his injuries with the help of expensive medical care, and it seems as though he has since moved on to the best of his abilities. According to what we can gather, the current inhabitant of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, still speaks out about his previous experiences but considers himself a voluntaryist as opposed to an anarcho-capitalist (an-cap). We should also point out that the tenacious proponent of positive anarchy, animal lover, and crypto enthusiast appears to be living a comfortable life.

I just met a person who is highly interested in #Bitcoin, Jason tweeted lately. “13 businesses here have agreed to accept inflation-resistant cash as of now. I believe it is a start in the right direction. This might be “business 14.” According to his social media platforms, the single dog dad still experiences good and terrible days, but he clearly puts more of emphasis on the former to maintain his feeling of stability and contentment.

Before the airing of episode 2 of “The Anarchists,” Jason posted on Facebook, “I’m going to need a little emotional support & compassion, probably for the 1st time since [i’ve] identified as a [voluntaryist].” “You guys are about to watch some really sloppy video. If it is uncomfortable, I apologise. I have admitted my mistakes to a number of them. In order to find peace for myself and my friends, I have let the past go. Being exposed in this way is not something I can predict how it will go. Knowing how things are currently, it will probably be quite brutal.”

You can watch “The Anarchists” episodes on HBO and HBO Max.

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