Where is Valerie Cincinelli’s Ex-boyfriend John DiRubba Now?

Where is John DiRubba Now

A former NYPD officer pleaded guilty to an obstruction charge on Friday in connection with a murder-for-hire plan targeting her estranged husband and her boyfriend’s 13-year-old teenage daughter. During a difficult divorce and custody fight over their son, Valerie Cincinelli paid her ex-boyfriend John DiRubba $7,000 to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband, Isaiah Carvalho.

The bizarre case of once-decorated police officer Valerie Cincinelli came to light in mid-May 2019, following an FBI sting operation, and shocked the entire state of New York to its core. Valerie allegedly tried to plan a murder-for-hire scheme against her then-husband and then-kid, boyfriend’s as revealed on ‘Dateline: Hit List.’

However, the supposed boyfriend John DiRubba, blew the whistle on her. So, if you’re inquisitive about him, his adventures, his relationship with Valerie, or his current whereabouts, don’t worry; we’ve got all the information you need.

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Who is John DiRubba
Cincinelli’s boyfriend John DiRubba, right, turned on her after learning she was also planning to have his 13-year-old daughter killed.

Who is John DiRubba, and How did He Meet Valerie Cincinelli?

According to all reports, John DiRubba is a New York resident who was involved in the case for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he was Valerie’s hidden, older boyfriend for about two years. The pair met by coincidence in January 2017, when he was in his “early 50s” and she was in her “early 30s,” but the former fell in love at first sight.

On that fateful morning, John was only washing his car when Valerie drew up behind him in a police car, sparking a chat that finally led to him finding she was not happily married.

According to John’s testimony on ‘Dateline,’ John and Valerie started conversing over Instagram, which led to secret meetings and the two developing a real connection. According to court filings, the cop was not only jealous of John’s then-13-year-old daughter because of how much time and care he provided her, but they also had a “volatile history.”

Valerie allegedly put the youngster on the hit list after she talked to John about paying someone to kill her then-husband Isaiah Carvalho Jr. before their divorce was formalised.

With that said, documents show John told Valerie he knew someone who could do the job for $7,000 – the exact amount Valerie withdrew in cash in February 2019, which he then reportedly turned into gold coins to complete the payment.

When his teen daughter’s safety was threatened, John alerted the authorities and turned informant (by wearing a wire) to assist them in gathering as much information as possible against Valerie. In other words, despite Valerie’s, her lawyer’s, and her family’s claims that John had set her up, his cooperation with the FBI demonstrated his innocence.

Where is John DiRubba today

What happened to John DiRubba and Where Is He Now?

According to ‘Dateline,’ John DiRubba has always maintained his innocence in this matter, and he wants the public to know he’s “a decent father.” I’m a lovable person. Funny. They misrepresented me… You know, you just have to keep moving forward and try to stay alive.” “It was Valerie’s own statements [in the wiretap tapes] that placed her in jail,” John stated emphatically in the most recent episode.

It’s her own voice, and it’s exactly what she intended. She could have gotten out of it at any point.”

“If you’re a law enforcement officer, you should say, ‘John, what are you talking about?'” John continued. ‘Are you insane?’ That was the only thing that should have been recorded on that cassette. What would it benefit me to murder my own daughter?… I’ve always maintained that during these chats, she’s plainly acting out a vision that she never imagined would come true.”

According to recent accounts, John, the former bakery and tattoo shop owner, currently resides in New York, where he earns a living by building and flipping residences. Unfortunately, John, who claims to have assisted actor Tony Lip (‘The Sopranos‘) in writing the cookbook ‘Shut Up and Eat!,’ which Lip co-wrote with Steven Priggé, likes to stay out of the spotlight these days.

As a result, we don’t know anything about his current personal or professional situations. All we know is that his Valerie-related tattoos have subsequently been covered up.

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