Who Was the Father of Michael Hughes? Who Are Kevin Brown and Gregory Higgs?

Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes

Who Was Michael Hughes’ Father? – In “Girl in the Picture” on Netflix, many tragic crimes and strange incidents are explored, many of them revolving around Franklin Delano Floyd. Tonya Hughes (also known as Sharon Marshall and Suzanne Sevakis) passed away in April 1990, and her son Michael Hughes vanished four years later.

Franklin acknowledged killing Michael after taking him hostage, but there has been some discussion regarding the child’s biological paternity. The two names that have come up are Kevin Brown and Gregory Higgs. Therefore, let’s learn more now, shall we?

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Were Michael Hughes Remains Ever Found

Who Was the father of Michael Hughes? Who Are Kevin Brown and Gregory Higgs?

Franklin claimed to be Suzanne’s husband at the time of her passing and went by the name of Clarence Hughes. But it was later discovered that he abducted Tonya when she was a young girl. In June 1989, he married her in New Orleans, Louisiana, using the names Clarence and Tonya, in addition to abusing her sexually. Franklin, who at the time claimed to be Michael’s biological father, was later shown to be unrelated to the child after she passed away in April 1990, and Michael was placed in foster care.

The authorities discovered, via further research, that Franklin and Suzanne resided in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1987. Gregory Higgs and Suzanne started dating at that time. She became pregnant as a result of this relationship, albeit Gregory was unaware of it at the time. After Suzanne gave birth to Michael in Tampa, Florida, in April 1988, Franklin and Suzanne left Phoenix. Franklin later insisted that the union was merely a matter of convenience to give Michael a father role and that it was never actually completed.

Floyd called Gregory after Suzanne passed away in Oklahoma and informed him of the event. Gregory later admitted in court that he wasn’t aware of having a son until Floyd brought it up in 1990. Floyd then enquired as to Gregory’s desire to raise his biological son. Gregory agreed to undertake it after speaking with Floyd a few days later. The latter had vowed to get in touch with Gregory once again and deliver Michael, but that never happened.

Instead, in September 1994, Franklin entered a Choctaw, Oklahoma, elementary school where Michael was enrolled. Then he made the teacher assist him in capturing Michael. Franklin was ultimately apprehended in November 1994, and he later admitted to killing the six-year-old kid. Despite a thorough search, the remains have never been located.

Although Gregory had stated in court that he was Michael’s biological father, there has been some online conjecture about another person in Suzanne’s life who might have been the father. Many had speculated that Kevin Brown, the guy Suzanne was dating soon before she passed away, might be the child’s biological father. Regarding Kevin’s relationship to the child, there isn’t any conclusive evidence.

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