Who is Franklin Floyd aka Warren Marshall? Where Is He Now?

where is Franklin Floyd aka Warren Marshall

Where is Franklin Floyd aka Warren Marshall Now? Is Franklin Floyd Dead or Alive? – The documentary series “Girl in the Picture” on Netflix reveals the identity of Tonya Hughes, a young woman who perished in strange circumstances in 1990. The mystery of who this woman is and her genuine identity lingers as the documentary reveals a string of horrible incidents, including assault, abuse, and murder.

The investigators discover a slew of additional murders that all appear to be connected to one individual as they continue to follow the thread of her death. This individual was initially introduced as Clarence Hughes, but his many identities indicate a history of horrible crimes he has committed. Here is everything you need to know about this man if you’re wondering who he truly is and where he is right now.

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who is Franklin Delano Floyd
Franklin Delano Floyd

Who is Franklin Floyd aka Warren Marshall?

Franklin Delano Floyd, an American murderer, rapist, and death row convict, was born on June 17, 1943. He was found guilty of killing Florida mother-of-three Cheryl Ann Commesso in 1989 and kidnapping 6-year-old Michael Anthony Hughes from his Choctaw, Oklahoma, primary school, both of which he claimed were his own children.

Additionally, Sharon Marshall, the mother of Michael Anthony Hughes, was killed in a hit-and-run in 1990, and Floyd is thought to be a person of interest in that incident. Later, it was learned that Sharon had been Floyd’s daughter from an early age and had been kidnapped by Floyd herself before becoming his wife.

Marshall’s exact identity was unknown until 2014, when Suzanne Marie Sevakis, a woman to whom Floyd had a brief marriage, was conclusively recognised as the woman’s daughter. He vanished in 1975, while Sevakis’ mother was serving a 30-day jail sentence, together with Sevakis, her two sisters, and their infant brother Phillip (also known as “Stevie”). Before a man came forward in 2019 claiming to be Phillip, Sevakis’ brother was still missing. DNA tests in 2020 verified his identity.

The youngest of Thomas and Della Floyd’s five children was born in Barnesville, Georgia, as Franklin Delano Floyd. In 1944, just after Floyd turned one, his cotton mill worker and alcoholic father passed away at the age of 32 from liver and kidney failure. His mother, a widow at age 29, struggled to support her children and herself, so they shared a modest apartment with her parents.

Floyd’s grandparents found it too challenging to care for the huge family over the following year, and by 1946 they had requested that Della and her kids depart. On the recommendation of Lamar County Children Services, Floyd and his siblings were placed in the care of Georgia Baptist Children’s Home in Hapeville. There, Floyd is said to have been ridiculed by other kids for being “feminine,” and when he was six years old, it was claimed that he was sodomised with a broomstick.

As a youngster, after being found masturbating, the staff dunked his palm in hot water as one of their harsh punishments for him. Floyd frequently ran into trouble for stealing and fighting. When each sibling turned 18, they individually moved out of the family home. Floyd ran away and broke into a neighbouring house to steal food in 1959, two years after his youngest sister had left. The Children’s Home advised his sister Dorothy. She was now married, had two children, and resided in North Carolina, so if she assumed care of her brother, criminal charges would not be prosecuted.

Floyd went to Indianapolis in pursuit of his mother, Della, after being expelled from his sister’s house, only to discover that she had become a prostitute. Floyd asked Della to assist him in creating forged paperwork that would allow him to travel to California and join the American army. But after learning that Floyd was a minor and that his credentials were forged, the Army released him from service after only six months. Floyd became a nomad and traversed the entire country after failing to locate his mother. Della passed away on July 2, 1968, and she is interred in Chicago, Illinois’ Graceland Cemetery.

Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes

Kidnapping of Michael Hughes

Franklin Floyd, then known as Clarence Hughes, went by various aliases throughout the years and came to the attention of the police after he abducted 6-year-old Michael Hughes from his school. He had the school’s head of security hostage and then used his car to flee with the youngster he claimed to be his son. Two months later, he was taken into custody without Michael by his side.

According to further research into his past, this wasn’t Floyd’s first time committing a significant crime. He had already been found guilty of robbery, child abuse, and kidnapping a child. Before being released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence, he was once more accused of sexual assault. He posted bond for this, but he skipped court on the scheduled date.

He spent several years hiding out, adopting many names, and committing crimes that weren’t discovered until Michael was abducted. It was discovered that he had previously abducted young Suzanne Sevakis when her mother was away because she had written a bad check. According to society, Suzanne—now known as Sharon—was Floyd’s child. But he mistreated her over time, and they eventually got married. In addition to this, it was discovered that Floyd had murdered and mistreated Cheryl Commesson, a stripper in Florida with whom Suzanne had worked.

Where is Franklin Floyd aka Warren Marshall Now

Where is Warren Marshall, a.k.a. Franklin Floyd Today?

Currently serving a death sentence at the Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida, is Franklin Floyd. He is not yet scheduled for execution. In 1995, Floyd was first found guilty of kidnapping Michael Hughes as well as several other offences, including carjacking, the use of firearms during the carjacking, and the use of the pistol during the kidnapping. For taking Michael Hughes hostage, he received a sentence of 52 years in prison without the possibility of parole.

He was suspected of being involved in Cheryl Commesson’s death in 2002. He was retried for this offence and given a first-degree murder charge. In Florida, where the death penalty is permitted, he was found guilty and given the death penalty. Although he was also connected to Sharon Marshall’s slaying, there was insufficient evidence to prove this.

Floyd confessed to killing Michael and dumping his body on Interstate 35 in September 2014 during questioning by FBI Special Agents Scott Lobb and Nate Furr. But despite a thorough search of the area, no trace of the boy’s bones was discovered. However, Lobb had wanted to speak with Floyd one more and learn more about the circumstances surrounding his crimes.

We can still learn a lot from him, I believe. Perhaps as he approaches death, he will want to give a comprehensive explanation and clear the air regarding everything he has done, according to Lobb. Floyd hasn’t yet provided any additional information regarding Michael’s disappearance and his mother’s murder.

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