Who Were Jimmy Savile’s Parents and How Many Siblings Did He Have?

Jimmy Savile with his mother
Jimmy Savile with his mother at Buckingham Palace (Image: Getty Images)

Who Were Jimmy Savile’s Parents, and How many siblings did he have? Let’s find out.

Jimmy Savile
Born: 31 October 1926, Leeds, United Kingdom
Died: 29 October 2011, Roundhay, Leeds, United Kingdom
Siblings: John Savile, Marjory Savile, Joan Savile, Christina Savile, Mary Savile, Vincent Savile
Parents: Agnes Monica Savile, Vincent Joseph Marie Savile

Jimmy Savile was a well-known figure in Britain, having begun his career in radio and later hosting programmes such as ‘Top of the Pops‘ and ‘Jim’ll Fix It.’

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story,’ a two-part documentary on Netflix, explores his career as a broadcaster as well as his humanitarian efforts. Apart from that, the show examines Jimmy’s tight relationship with his mother and various sexual assault charges levied against him following his death.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Jimmy’s childhood and family, you’ve come to the right place.

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Jimmy Savile with mother

Jimmy Savile’s Parents: Who Were They?

Vincent Joseph Marie Savile and Agnes Monica Savile married in 1911, and Jimmy was born on October 31, 1926, in Leeds, England. He was the youngest of seven siblings, yet he was never the most popular. At various points, Vincent worked as a bookmaker’s clerk and an insurance agent, while Jimmy stated that his mother “clothed, fed, and sheltered nine people on £3.50 a week.”

Jimmy became critically unwell when he was about two years old, maybe due to pneumonia. Even the doctor had given up hope at the time, leaving a death certificate at their home. Agnes rushed to the church at the moment, praying for her son’s recovery.

Jimmy began to improve once she returned home, according to reports. Before becoming a radio DJ, he worked as a coal miner and owned dance halls. Jimmy grew close to Agnes over time and referred to her as “the Duchess.”

While Jimmy was destitute as a child, his celebrity gained him a lot of money later in life, the most of which he contributed to charity. Agnes stayed with her youngest child, Jimmy, after his father died in 1953. She died in 1973.

Jimmy said at the time that Agnes never watched his shows or congratulated him on his accomplishments. Jimmy stayed with Agnes’ body in an open casket for five days after she died.

“When she died, she was all mine,” he stated in a later interview. She had a stunning appearance. I was the owner of her. It’s lovely, death,” says the narrator. Jimmy also stated that those five days were the best of his life. He left Agnes’ room as it was, with her clothing in her wardrobe, and dry-cleaned them once a year. Jimmy was close to his mother, but he was wary of speaking about his father, Vincent.

Jimmy Savile with his family
Jimmy Savile, aged 12, circled third from right, with his family, older brother Johnny, first from left, Christina, Mary, Joan, father Vincent, mother Agnes, Marjory, and oldest brother Vince, far right.

How Many Siblings Did Jimmy Savile Have?

Vincent and Agnes had seven children; the latest of them was Jimmy. Mary, Marjory, Vincent, John, Joan, and Christina are his siblings’ names. Following the claims of sexual abuse against Jimmy, there were indications that his brother, Johnny, had also been accused of sexual assault.

Between 1978 and 1980, he worked at a hospital and was accused of sexual misconduct. They were created by a group of patients, a member of staff, and a visitor. Johnny, however, had already died by the time the stories were made public.

Jimmy allegedly raped Marjory’s granddaughter, according to another report. Caroline Robinson went on to say that Marjory knew about it but opted not to tell anyone because she didn’t want to lose money.

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