Why Did Jax Taylor and Wife Brittany Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Was Jax Taylor fired from Vanderpump Rules

Why Did Jax Taylor and Wife Brittany Cartwright Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’? – Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright were absent from Vanderpump Rules Season 9. Have they simply moved on to other things, or did they actually leave the program? As far as we can tell, Cartwright’s exit was unplanned collateral damage, and Taylor was mainly to blame for the couple’s decision to leave the program. In what ways did Jax and Brittany struggle on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules?

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Why Did Jax Taylor and Wife Brittany Leave 'Vanderpump Rules

Was Jax Taylor fired from ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Because of Taylor’s departure during the show’s lengthy hiatus, viewers have questioned whether or not Season 9 is possible. Lisa Vanderpump claims that Taylor may not have wanted to quit the show of her own choice. “Is it true that I found their findings unexpected? It makes sense, I guess. Vanderpump joked that things would have gone differently if Taylor and Cartwright had been behind the wheel, “I think I would have been very shocked.

And who, she asked, makes the rules? To put it simply, I refuse to participate. Whoa, they actually put on a show? Most of the decisions are made by them, although I am an executive producer on it. The departure of Taylor and Cartwright prompted many questions from fans. Cartwright snapped back, “Do you people really believe we can write whatever we want?”

Their departure from “Vanderpump Rules,” as reported by Jax Taylor, was mutual.

Taylor and Cartwright’s Instagram farewell posts in December 2020 piqued fans’ interest for similar reasons. They wrote, “We regret to inform you that [we] will not be returning for a second season of Vanderpump Rules.” We’re excited to use this time together as a family to share our latest endeavors and celebrate our growth.

Taylor later said on Instagram that his family’s appearance on the show “no longer makes sense.” I just couldn’t imagine performing the same kind of show with a kid,” he went on to say. I place a high priority on my marriage and my family. Taylor remarked, “We had a great run, but it’s over now.

He kept dropping hints about the next seasons and claimed he was “filming” new projects right now. Both he and Cartwright, another brand ambassador, appeared on the April episode of NBC’s Open House.

Was Jax Taylor fired from ‘Vanderpump Rules

Do Lisa Vanderpump and Jax Taylor Still Speak?

Taylor left after the original cast members, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, were fired. He grumbled about her to his supporters when asked if he and Vanderpump were still in contact. On a March Instagram Live, he said, “I don’t talk to Lisa now, I haven’t spoken to her.” She seems to be living in her own little bubble, and I just don’t get her. She’s just another person I couldn’t care less about. She is, in her own mind. There is nothing bad spoken about her. The simplest way to express it is that I couldn’t give a hoot.

He went on to name the actors he maintains contact with. “The only people I spoke to frequently, daily, were… I am still in constant touch with everyone and welcome any new contacts. Example: “I talk to Stassi at least three or four times a week,” he said. In addition, I have daily phone conversations with Beau (Cleark). Taylor stated that his daily conversations include both Randall [Emmett] and Tom Schwartz. I’m in touch with Ms. Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

Saying, “I talk to Lala [Kent] all the time,” he did so regularly. James Kennedy and I have sporadic phone conversations. All there is, in reality. No one else holds any appeal for me. As of right now, I look like a father. Personally, I don’t find much pleasure in frequenting nightclubs and pubs. I’m sorry, Kristen, he murmured, adding. It’s no secret that Kristen Doute and I are always in contact with one another. Why Kristen and her boyfriend Alex are together is beyond me. I’m sorry, I missed including that person. The majority of my conversations were with them, Kristen. Alex.”

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