Vanderpump Rules: Is Jax and Kristen Still Together?

Vanderpump Rules' Jax and Kristen are Still Together

Is Jax and Kristen Still Together? – Vanderpump Rules is an American reality television series aired on Bravo. It began as a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has aired for nine seasons, focusing on Lisa Vanderpump and the staff of her three West Hollywood, California, restaurants: SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Bar & Grill.

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Fans of “Vanderpump Rules” are not affected by the fact that Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute will not be featured in the new episodes. A fan of Jax and Kristen hypothesises that the couple had cheated on each other multiple times, beginning long before they made their relationship public.

The audience believes the relationship between Jax and Kristen is more complicated than it initially appears. Kristen admitted in Season 2 of “VPR” that she cheated on her then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval with his closest friend Jax. The book that reveals Kristen’s hidden boyfriend is titled “He’s Making You Crazy.”

Is Jax and Kristen Still Together

Vanderpump Rules’ Jax and Kristen are Still Together?

During the month of May in the year 2020, one individual is cited as stating, “I felt so horrible about my mistake that I didn’t believe I deserved a platform to voice my thoughts on it or speak my piece.” Although both Jax and Kristen have claimed that their one-night fling on the sofa was the final straw in their relationship, some viewers hold a different opinion.

Some fans believe that Jax and Kristen are still together. However, they are no longer featured on a reality television show, Jax is currently married to Brittany Cartwright, and the two have a child, and they are no longer in the public eye. This still stands even though Jax and Kristen are no longer on a major network television show.

What does he anticipate will occur when he tends to Kristen’s lawn? During a Reddit thread on the matter, one member stated, “I’ve always believed they had a contract.” Numerous newbies questioned whether Jax and Kristen had broken up or remained together.

In my opinion, indicating that anything is still occurring is a massive strategy giveaway. Another Reddit user commented, “I just don’t sense the chemistry between Kristen and her new guy; it feels like she’s settling.” According to the fourth remark on Reddit, she continues to have sexual interactions with him. In this circumstance, you have my compassion and understanding.

Another participant said, “I suppose I’m the other debater who believes it’s still ongoing, and Brittany simply tolerates it for aesthetic reasons.”

Despite what others may assert, Jax and Kristen’s relationship has not been devoid of difficulties. He had previously denied her entry. Contrary to popular belief, Jax did not stop trying to pursue me; he simply got in the way. Why? I do not comprehend this meaning. In August of the following year, when asked about Brittany, Kristen tweeted, “But I assure you, it has nothing to do with the beautiful Britt or their wedding.”

On the day that Jax and Brittany gave birth to their baby Cruz, Kristen took to Instagram to express her happiness and joy. In addition, she supplied a photo of the entire happy, expanding family.

It is difficult for me to express how deeply my heart feels right now. I cannot adequately convey how thrilled I am for you two and how much I adore you. The crown is yours, @brittany. It is remarkable how serenely you handled your entire pregnancy and delivery. @mrjaxtaylor Enjoy your newly acquired parental responsibilities. Cruz, my darling little nephew, with his adorable hair, makes me want to have a buzz cut every time I see him. She added the statement “he is the most popular member of our group” to the photo.