Is Mark Ramsey Really Leaving ‘Moonshiners’?

Is Mark Ramsey Really Leaving 'Moonshiners

Is Mark Ramsey Really Leaving ‘Moonshiners’ After Season 12? – Since the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, moonshiners have existed in the United States. A surprising number of Americans, mainly in the Appalachian region, continue to make moonshine, an illegally produced distilled beverage. In this documentary series, we meet the people who produce shine and the law enforcement authorities who attempt to catch them. In this one-of-a-kind reality show, they still will be fired up for the first time like a real moonshiner, and it will operate in ways never before shown on television. In addition, the episode features notable moonshiners such as Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton.

Mark Ramsey is one of these distillers; together with Digger Manes, he owns and operates Sugarland Distilling Company. However, there is growing concern that Mark may depart Moonshiners.

We wouldn’t be too surprised if both Mark and Digger opted to leave the series, given rumours that Mark is cutting back on his distilling chores and Digger’s recent legal troubles, but we’d be crushed if they did. Is Mark Ramsey departing Moonshiners for good, or does he have a chance of returning?

Is Mark Ramsey Really Leaving 'Moonshiners' After Seaspn 12

Is Mark Ramsey Really Leaving ‘Moonshiners’ After Seaspn 12?

Mark has no future travel plans at this time. Mark Ramsey’s leaving rumours have been kept alive alongside those of his fellow colleague, Mark Rogers. However, the rumours may be true in both instances. According to the twelfth episode of Season 12 of “The Walking Dead,” “Above the Law,” Mark Ramsey and Digger are breaking their business relationship and bringing on a new partner named Beaz.

Mark and Digger encountered legal issues throughout the prior season. Mark complained to Pop Culture in 2021 that the police raid that compelled them to relocate “sucked the wind out of [his] sails.” He joked, “At our ages, we’re pretty much too elderly to do anything else, and Digger is too beautiful to go to jail.”

Nonetheless, Discovery has been leaking hints about Mark and Digger ahead of Season 12: “The Tennessee shiners face a determined law enforcement officer intent on shutting down their operation as they battle sky-high prices for raw commodities such as corn.” Consequently, they may already have met more legal issues than Mark is comfortable with.

Mark appears to be preparing Beaz to take his place in the organisation, as his IMDb page has only episodes until Season 12. In addition, the Sugarlands Twitter account announced the passing of Mark’s stepmother Wilma. Mark’s future with Moonshiners cannot be determined with certainty at this time, although he appears to be on his way out.

Mark Ramsey net worth

Mark Ramsey Net Worth

Mark and Sally Jane Clark operate the Sugarlands Distilling Company with their friend and business colleague Digger. Even though Sally has not been seen on Moonshiners, she plays a vital part in the company’s development behind the scenes. Mark and Digger oversee daily operations, with assistance from series regulars such as Mark Rogers, Steven Tickle, and Jim Tom Hendrick, among others.

Mark Ramsey is a reality TV star and co-owner of a distillery with an estimated net worth of $300,000. Digger also has a part in the firm. Mark is one of the founding fathers of modern distilling; therefore, we anticipate him to live nicely whether he stays with Moonshiners.

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