Yellowstone Episode 4×02 Recap “Phantom Pain”


The second episode of Yellowstone Season 4 begins much more calmly than the first. Jamie’s growing passion for Garrett caused John to go on a ride early in the morning as part of his physical therapy, leaving Carter to protect the barn.

Caroline Warner, played by Jacki Weaver, makes her first appearance in the second episode, and it feels like a breather before the next storm.

Caroline, the chairman of Market Equities, is interested in buying the ranch, and she intends to take it seriously.

Part 2 of the Season 4 debut on Sunday will recap “Phantom Pain.”

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After recovering from numerous bullet wounds, John Dutton rides for the first time to a healing hot spring.

Kayce follows his father and joins him, fearful that he is overdoing it. Jamie’s suspected involvement in the incident is discussed by the two.

They believe the militia attacked on their own initiative in revenge for the Duttons’ previous attack. Kayce is instructed by John to assassinate the remaining militia members.

Meanwhile, with the help of his biological father, Garrett Randall, Jamie is purchasing his own property.

Jamie has taken a huge step toward distancing himself from the Duttons and establishing his own roots in the community.

Jamie’s developing affection for Garrett and willingness to listen to his newfound father is also demonstrated.

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Human bones and ceremonial artefacts are discovered by construction workers digging for Market Equities’ work in Yellowstone, a reference to the season-opening flashback.

When Chief Rainwater and the local indigenous populations are identified, Market Equities’ progress comes to a halt.

Rip took care of Roarke, the only other representative in town after Beth fired Market Equities’ CEO, Willa Hays.

Market Equities’ board of directors is chaired by Caroline Warner, a vicious and powerful woman.

She travels to see Chief Rainwater, who has put a halt to building so that the newly unearthed ceremonial relics can be processed.

Caroline offers to lift Market Equities’ cease and desist order against Rainwater’s new casino building and fund it if Rainwater reconsiders its decision to create a casino for a different, wealthier clientele. She requests that Rainwater stop obstructing their progress.

Following his death, John has began to consider his legacy, particularly beyond the Yellowstone valley.

He hires horse trainer Travis Wheatly to work for the Yellowstone in order to improve the ranch’s reputation.

Beth is fired from her job. Despite virtually burning for Schwartz & Meyer and earning them a fortune, Beth is fired.

She explains that the corporation only owns a piece of the land she bought for them near Yellowstone, threatening to pull the company down with it, as well as Bob.

When Beth returns to the property, she is confronted by cops who have detained a child for attempting to rob a liquor store with a screwdriver.

The child claims to be Beth’s guardian and reveals himself to be the young boy Beth met at the hospital. With little hope for the boy’s future, Beth considers adopting him and attempting to provide for him.

When Rip gets home, he discovers Beth has prepared a quick homemade meal for him and the baby. Rip is uninterested in caring for a child right away, so they try to figure out if the baby has a place on the ranch.

Rip tries to take the youngster back to town the next morning, almost abandoning him in the countryside before forcing him to look for work.

Rip introduces John to the youngster when they return to Yellowstone. Carter makes his debut appearance in public.

After being released from the hospital, Jimmy comes to the ranch and speaks with John. He admits to having phantom toe discomfort and apologises to John for going back on his promise not to ride the rodeo.

John is furious, but he is determined to uphold his promise to Jimmy. Instead, he dispatches Jimmy, along with Travis and the horse training team, to a Texas ranch.

Jimmy may not be able to handle this difficult work and will have to leave his Yellowstone house and Mia behind.

Rip, the hidden softy, couldn’t stand leaving Carter in the bunkhouse after a particularly poignant episode of our two-part series.

Rip tells Carter that accepting that no one deserves this chance or existence is the key to success on Yellowstone.

He invites the boy to supper with him and Beth, who had prepared Hamburger for the second time.

And for a little moment, the three of them appear like a happy new family. However, it appears to be a brief reprieve until a new storm arrives.

Carter goes to the barn the next morning to clean the stalls, only to find John there first. Before the titles roll, John confirms that no one deserves this life, yet they all try nevertheless.